Cottonelle Great Finish Sweepstakes and the Kentucky Derby!

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cottonelle but the opinions — and stories — are my own!**

We’re a party kind of family. Birthdays, holidays, good grades, a car repair, you name it, we celebrate it. Life is short and should always be enjoyed. Cinco de Mayo is on Monday and I’m busy compiling a menu and choosing the dessert. One would expect cupcakes, but I may make a pinata cake instead!

Another event on our radar is the Kentucky Derby! We recently moved from South Carolina back to California. We didn’t ever have the privilege of traveling to the actual Derby while out that way, but we did travel extensively and visit more restaurants and entertainment venues than I can remember. One common item on restaurant menus, especially the further down south that we traveled, was the Mint Julep. Not being a fan of mint, I was leery of it the first time I imbibed. I had declined the beverage many times prior, but knew that I had to try an original southern Mint Julep.

I had been missing out!

Since then, we’ve worked on our own mint julep concoction. You can’t deviate too far and still call it a Julep, as its definition is pretty clear: bourbon, mint (Spearmint, to be specific), sugar and water. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little twist to it and still have it retain its name. Maybe a purist would tell us we’ve messed with it too much, but we have a secret addition that just caps off the drink perfectly: a twist of lime! So simple, yet so delicious!

mint julep

Watching the Kentucky Derby is the perfect time for a Julep! I may not wear the perfect hat or dress, but that kind of thing doesn’t get in the way of a successful afternoon of entertaining with our loved ones. Mint Juleps in hand, we can sit on the edge of our seats and yell, with decorum proper of the event, at the television. We keep plenty of drink ingredients on hand, unique and themed snacks. I also plan on having a good selection of hats available for everyone to wear. Won’t that be fun? They won’t be serious hats, but they will be worn in honor of the Derby. Want to see a few we’ve got on hand?

crazy hats

Yes, I have quite the serious family.

mardi gras party photo

More evidence, taken at our Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday party.

I’ll probably break out this new baby, but I still have to find a fascinator — or choose from one of our crazy party hats!

new dress

Cottonelle has big plans for the Kentucky Derby this year. (And speaking of Cottonelle, be sure you stock up before your party! )

**This contest has ended!**

Cottonelle’s Great Finish Sweepstakes is something everyone’s going to want to win. If the horses in the number 1 and number 2 post positions finish first and second, respectively, in the Kentucky Derby, then ALL new registrants at Cottonelle will receive a year’s supply of Cottonelle!

  • To enter:
    1. Visit the Cottonelle landing page here.
    2. Click on the Cottonelle Great Finish Giveaway
    3. Click on “Sign up now”
    4. Register for the Cottonelle Updates website

The Cottonelle Great Finish Sweepstakes: Cottonelle is upping the ante at this year’s Kentucky Derby and launching “The Cottonelle Great Finish,” a giveaway that will reward Americans with a year supply of Cottonelle products should the No. 1 and No. 2 positioned racehorses place in that order during the race. People looking to get in on the action can sign up at the Cottonelle landing page. The first 15,000 entrants to sign up will be awarded a year’s supply of Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths if the outcome aligns.

Cottonelle image

Green Room Sponsorship: Before celebrities hit the red carpet and the races, they first stop in the green room to relax and freshen up. Cottonelle will be on-hand in what they’re dubbing the “Clean Room” with refreshments, a hair and makeup touch-up/refresh station and a fun opportunity to chat with Cherry.

As part of a partnership with daytime talk show “Bethenny,” Cherry will be spending her day mingling with celebs to find out how they get red carpet ready – all as part of a show segment giving a sneak peek inside the Derby.

Terrace Level Bathrooms Sponsorship: With more than 165,000 people attending the Kentucky Derby each year, the bathrooms are nearly as trafficked as the betting windows. Cottonelle is upgrading the bathroom experience onsite, providing Cottonelle TP and flushable cleansing cloths across the bathrooms giving attendees the opportunity to get clean and fresh while at the race.

Share it with your friends, family and social media connections! Everyone wants to feel fresh and clean, so who wouldn’t be able to use Cottonelle’s Flushable Cleansing Cloths and toilet paper? Who doesn’t need that, right? (And stock up yourself before your party. Inevitably, someone will need to change the roll and the last thing you want in the last few minutes of the race is to hear someone calling for help from the powder room. When hosting something as regal as a Kentucky Derby party, this is a perfect way to add a level of coolness to your event by offering everyone an opportunity to feel fresh and clean in a new way.) Never tried a Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloth? They’re trademarked with SafeFlush technology, so they begin to break down right after they’re flushed, without affecting the normal bacteria in a septic system. For more information on that, check out their flushability info page.

How are you going to celebrate during the Kentucky Derby? Fancy attire? Finger sandwiches with cucumbers and crustless bread? (YUM. Let me know. I’ll be there if you have leftovers.) Decorating your house in any specific manner? I was out looking for holiday decor last week and even saw Derby decor, so you still have time if you haven’t bought any yet!

Whatever you end up doing, whether you dress up or where a fancy hat or a fascinator, and whether or not you make Mint Juleps, enjoy the Kentucky Derby and join the sweepstakes!

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  1. I’m heading to Santa Anita Saturday to watch the derby! I’m so excited. Not sure if you saw my IG photo yesterday of my fascinator. 2 girlfriends make them so I am borrowing (but really, i’m keeping. lol) one and added some bling to it 🙂

    1. I love the fascinator in your photo! Always great to have talented friends like that — I hope you had a good time at the Derby!

  2. That mint julep sounds delicious and refreshing with this crazy hot weather we’ve been having lately… I think I might need one! As for facinators, you should check out Kit’s Designs on Etsy. She makes the cutest mini top hats! She can even custom make them with colors you want.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I would love to try my hand at making one myself next year; my daughters were working on flower wreaths with a fancier twist and I’m betting we could come up with something really cool. A purple one would have gone perfectly with my dress!

  3. I’m not into the Derby, but I certainly want to try a mint julep now! Good luck with the Cottonelle sweepstakes! That sounds like a great prize!

    1. Did you get to try a mint julep? I’ve never been a huge mint fan (to the point where I won’t even try the mint stuff I make at all, I have the fam do it) but this drink is a different story!

  4. I never miss The Kentucky Derby on TV – just another sign that spring is here. This year, I may be on the road though, bringing home a new family member!

    1. You’re welcome! I figure it’s something anyone could definitely use, and it’s a great way to save that expense for something good! I hope you had a good Derby weekend!

    1. It’s definitely fun to try if you haven’t before! I’m not a big sports person, but I love racing — Nascar, to be specific — so trying another racing sport is fun. I don’t think I could watch it frequently but a once-a-year event and a party to go with it? Perfect!

  5. I always try to drink those Juleps; they look so refreshing, but I think I just can’t stand the sweetness. Maybe if I borrow your trick & use a splash of lime I’d like the taste better–because I’m definitely a bourbon kind of gal! I love watching the Kentucky Derby on TV; many years I’ve been able to do this with my mom. This year though, we’ll probably watch it & then chat on the phone afterwards if she’s able.
    She’s really been looking forward to watching it herself; she loves to see the horses running more than anything else.

    1. Did you get to chat with your mom after the race? Not quite the same as being there, I’m sure, but very cool that you have that as a tradition!

      Yes, try the lime — the little tang cuts through the sweetness and the strongness of the bourbon. I couldn’t drink them a lot, that’s some powerful stuff, but love them!

  6. Did you try one? I never really cared for mint much before this drink but it’s so light and refreshing, the mint blends in perfectly and doesn’t overwhelm. My mint plant just died, I’m bummed, I need to go get another.

    1. Thank you, Mary! (And I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner!) I haven’t worn it yet, how bad is that? I ended up wearing something else.

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