Thank you for your interest in working with the Dangerous Cupcake lifestyle blog team! We’ve been blogging since 2005, and have had amazing partnerships with big and small brands all over the country throughout the years. Our adventures have included working with film studios on press junkets, walking red carpets, interviewing influential people on hot topics and pop culture, sharing live coverage of major events and small business wins. We have incredible stories about press trips on yachts off of Puerto Vallarta, fly fishing in Washington, driving sports cars on performance tracks, speaking with legislators on behalf of other small businesses and creating content to help new or relaunched restaurants and hotels get the word out. Our work has appeared on the Today show and been repurposed by home brands, food companies and other publishers, too many to list but all memorable.

Our motto has always been “live a little dangerously,” but our blog focus is on midlife moms getting reinvigorated about their life as their kids grow up and leave the nest. We’re here to share inspiration and ideas on how to get back to your own interests, enjoying your home, entertaining guests, creating spectacular food and cocktails and traveling the way you’ve dreamed about. Sometimes that means living a little dangerously, right? We hope to encourage people to get out there, try new things and continue to make memories while still being mom. We also talk about midlife finance, wellness and staying healthy. If your product, service or venue plays a role in that, please reach out!

Our readers are 60% female, with 85% located in the United States, and many of those are in California and New York. (We have a large portion of readers from Paris, France, too!) The majority of our readers are interested in entertainment, food, travel and politics, with many having more than the average interest in cooking/baking, wine and cocktails, high-end home products and renovations, and movies and television shows. We’ve pivoted somewhat in the last six months, moving away from parenting and family entertainment, with a goal of creating a community for midlife moms in the same era as us.

We would love to work with you on:

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We welcome the opportunity to partner with you or work together on a sponsored post or campaign. While we’re based in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, specifically Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana, we are available for long-distance experiences and travel as well as local live event coverage. We spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, San Diego County and the OC, or Orange County. Our team is varied and includes young adult writers and Spanish speakers, so our coverage range is wide. We’re able to represent products, services and events for all ages and interests. If you’re interested in further demographics or details, please do not hesitate to ask!

We’ve worked in the fields of in social media promotion, writing and digital marketing for 27+ years, and our history includes partnerships with many major brands, publishers and ambassador programs. We also have a lot of experience with travel blogging, press junkets and media trips or FAMs. We come from the world of social media in its very early days, so it truly is a labor of love for our entire team, and the blog only includes things we really believe in.

Please read our About page for more information and you can reach us at We can help you get the word out to our large readership and reach. Our newsletter is broad and can also be segmented for targeted reach.

*Important: Free products provided to the Dangerous Cupcake Lifestyle (also known as DCL) team do not guarantee a specific type of coverage unless we agree upon it mutually in advance. Edits, reshoots, retakes, and major changes are often too costly to be worth the value of the product and will not be completed unless this is something mutually agreed upon before product is shipped. If no cash payment is involved, DCL reserves the right to refuse any edits/requirements whatsoever. Unsolicited products will not necessarily result in a review or any published content. Minimum product value must be met and if product value is not met, Dangerous Cupcake Lifestyle reserves the right to simply publish a social media story as opposed to a blog post IF anything at all. Deliverables are negotiable and deadlines are at least 2-4 weeks for review and/or social posts, but can be changed if agreed upon. We also do NOT do DoFollow links in exchange for money and/or product nor do we share content not written by anyone here on our team or promise any positive reviews. We want to work with you, but our time is valuable and free work does not pay the bills, so each collaboration must be a mutually beneficial partnership. Thank you for understanding!

We look forward to hearing from you!