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Wellness & Travel

Favorite Water Bottle

This Larq self-cleaning water bottle transforms tap water into clean, safe water that tastes good! One push of a button and 99% of contaminants, including E. coli, are gone. I actually use this in hotels or random sinks and the water tastes like the filtered water I get at home! Fantastic for travel, mine fits in my car cup holder and bag pockets and goes with me everywhere.

larq self-cleaning water bottle for travel
tsa approved carry on travel bag
Travel & Lifestyle

TSA Approved Under-Seat Carry On Bag

This waterproof and expandable bag (18x14x8) fits a ton of items, has a passport pocket, and the handy trolley strap keeps it secure on top of your rolling bag. It also is sleek, attractive, and has both a shoulder and crossbody strap. This keeps all my gear close while on a plane! Get it on Amazon!

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Things We Like

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