I Had No Idea How Often We’d Get Snow in the Carolinas

Who knew there’d be so much snow in the Carolinas? Here is the answer to “Does it snow in South Carolina?”

One reason we moved here to the south was to get seasonal weather but we didn’t really consider snow in South Carolina, just that we’d experience changing seasons. SoCal is beautiful, but if you don’t have trees around, you can’t experience the changing colors of leaves in the fall. You may get some rain, but the opportunities to cuddle by the fireplace can be few and far between. And spring? It’s pretty much summer and winter. Summer. Winter. No in-between. Thing is, here in our area of South Carolina, we’ve only experienced a few brief weeks of spring and just as many of fall. It’s hot or cold here, though you get the added bonus of the colorful trees to soften the blow of less time to spend outside than we’d ever have thought.

Last week, we’d discussed how much it stunk that during our last winter here, we weren’t going to see snow. To make it worse, our old area of SoCal got snow last week! Bummer! Then we heard the words we’d been looking for: snow on the forecast!

The time that it was supposed to arrive changed, then changed again, then changed again. My son was happy then bummed then happy then bummed. Finally, around 10pm, after we’d rushed out to finish our errands (I got my new phone, score!) so we didn’t miss it, the snow started to fall. And it got heavy! We got a couple of inches, and it was enough to make the world’s cutest snowman, as well as have a snowball fight and play for a couple of hours, until we were all thoroughly frozen and soaked. Memories!

snow in the carolinas

As the snow in South Carolina fell Saturday night…

snow in South Carolina

And then in the morning — that’s Charlie the Super-Service Dog deciding he doesn’t want to walk in the cold white stuff.

snow in the carolinas

I didn’t venture out on Sunday morning but I did open the french doors to take this picture of my screened-in pool porch.

does it snow in south carolina

This was the easiest picture to take, the front yard as seen from the warmth of my kitchen, next to my Keurig.

I stayed there for a long time. It does snow in the Carolinas, so we quickly got our questioned answered that yes, it does snow in coastal South Carolina and it’s beautiful.

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