Can’t Get to the Gym? XBox or Wii is an Option!

With my schedule of work, business and kids, getting to the gym is just one more thing on my list, so years ago, we invested in some good home gym equipment. Currently, we have a Bowflex, a treadmill and an elliptical, along with free weights, flex-balls, yoga mat, and a litany of DVDs. Still though, one of my favorite things is working out to a game on one of the gaming systems since I can’t get to the gym for classes. We’re a little behind — we still have the regular Wii and the XBox, though we hope to add a PlayStation 4 to the shelves soon.

Working out at home is something I can almost always fit in, even if it’s on my lunch-hour. Take a quick shower and I’m back at work…I can work out in my ratty t-shirt and I don’t have to add in the extra 30-minutes for the round-trip. No excuses!

zumba on xboxI’m a Zumba Rocker!

Can’t get to the gym? Consider using the gaming systems! So many have games you can play that will get you moving. On the Wii, I love to do Yoga on the Wii Fit board. Boxing, jogging, even the skiing and other activities that get your heart-rate going give you variety while burning calories. I get bored easily so I switch between games all the time.

can't get to the gym use video gamesNo shortage of games!

Working out doesn’t have to be mundane, boring, timely or expensive. If you can’t get to the gym either, you can do it at home without the need for costly memberships or clothing and even do it as a family! Some of our funnest family times can be getting silly dancing together or racing in a running match on the Wii.

Only have 20 minutes? Zumba workouts on either Zumba Fitness Rush or the Core workout start at approximately 22 minutes long, and those extra couple of minutes are worth it! You can customize your workout to include varieties of songs or dance styles or choose one of the many pre-formatted workouts going up to an hour long. Want even longer? Make your own, or choose one song at a time. Some days I’m in the mood for really working it, others I want less jumping, so I love that I can choose between low, medium and high-intensity workouts.

Don’t give up on being fit or getting exercise just because you can’t leave the house. If you have no gaming system, look around on the internet — there are a lot of free workout videos available. I’ve even run up and down my stairs before. No matter what the situation, look around your home before you give up, there’s almost always an option if you wan to get moving and reclaim some energy. It’s not always easy but baby steps, you’ll get there!

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