My Pants are too Tight: It’s Time to Lose Weight

The fat has hit the fan. I looked at a photo from a press trip a few weeks ago and thought what the butter, my arms are huge. Then last week, I put on a fave pair of jeans and realized that even a loose top was only going to do so much to cover the muffin top. And then it occurred to me: my pants are too tight.

Cue the sad face.

Yes, I’m hung up on the fact that I have blubbery muscle. I’m being honest with myself — and you all — that I’m vain enough to be bothered by it. Vanity aside, it’s not healthy. Excess middle weight isn’t good for your heart, and heart issues have run in my family for decades. I am too young to shorten my lifespan over something I can control. I also have a lot of cute clothes in my closet that aren’t flattering and the idea of replacing everything simply because shopping is easier than working out?

Pass. 10-15 pounds is not enough reason to spend hundreds on new stuff and toss some gorgeous things into a donate pile.

So….enough excuses. It’s time to actually get back into shape.

But seriously, the thought of the work it’s going to take is daunting. I love to eat. That’s an embarrassing admission to make, but I’m willing to bet I’m not alone. My problem isn’t even the dangerous cupcakes that I bake, because I rarely eat them. It’s the fact that I’ve stopped running as much as I was, stopped zumba’ing and just in general, gotten lazy….while not cutting back on the normal intake of food I was able to burn off when I was working out. Bad, bad, bad.

But enough of that. It’s Wednesday and I’ve had a good week. I’m not going crazy, let’s be clear. I had some wine last night and on Tuesday night, I had a small piece of lemon pie when our friends brought an entire dinner over for the husband’s birthday. I am in no way going hungry. BUT I’ve run twice this week, done some yoga and started back on overall toning.

One pushup.

Two pushup.

…..ten pushup.

My arms are sore. A few months ago, I could have busted 1o out without breaking a sweat. Today, I don’t want to hold my cell phone.

Still…game on. I was going to run at lunch today but I’m headed out for a haircut at a new stylist right around the corner, so running will wait until this evening….after I take the Yorkie to the vet for a re-check on her blood levels.

What to do if your pants are too tight??

Getting fit takes time, and it can be hard making that time around everyone else’s needs. Kids, husband, dogs, friends, chores, errands…all the things you put on your list before taking care of yourself. It’s time I put WORKING OUT back up there at the top. The key is being realistic. I won’t have time for a 5k if I only leave myself 20 minutes, so I need to leave myself the 35 minutes. If you feel rushed, you’re less likely to complete what you need to.

Temps are dropping finally here in Southern California, so I can get back to running at 7am like I used to. Even if it doesn’t, no excuses. I’ll fit in a run somewhere. I’ll do yoga more regularly. My goal is to be good enough that my teacher realizes I’m back on my game because she doesn’t have to remind me that I’d be more flexible if I did it more than once a week. I’ve dusted off my weights and gone through my pile of workout attire to be sure everything still fits. (Now that’s a sad sight, fitness gear that’s too tight….thankfully, not an issue I had despite my worries.)

I’m also getting back to the gym. I belong to Crunch Fitness locally and they have gear that I don’t have at home. More importantly, they have an impressive array of classes that keep me from being bored. I do wish they’d add some classes in at lunch time or earlier in the morning, but I’ll make it work regardless. And it’s fun!

Being a working mom means we’re always cutting corners in some aspect, but don’t let it be in regards to your fitness. Being healthy means you’re upping your chances of being around for your family in the long run. For me, it also means not having to buy an entire wardrobe of new clothes and just feeling better about myself. I’ve always been in shape and I just can’t be not in shape anymore. I’m not aiming for perfection. I’m not 21 and feel like my goals are pretty reasonable. Feel better, tighten up the flab and lose some of the jiggle around the middle. And have all my clothes fit me and have my arms not look bigger than my head. Easy, right?

What weight loss and/or fitness struggles do you have? Let’s work on them together!

Post update! I dropped that Crunch Fitness gym membership during the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The drive had been rough and it was getting too crowded. There were some issues with gym etiquette so I ended up making a home yoga room for more workouts, longer workouts, and no drive!

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