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Last week, we went on a family vacation. It was the first time in several years, and we were fortunate enough to have all six kids be able to go along. We wanted to be able to get outside and stay active, so we chose to take the RV up to Kernville where we could camp literally on the banks of the Kern River. Days were filled with hiking and river rafting, and nights were all about eating dinner together around a fire. We even went white water rafting one day. Those six days went so fast!

It wasn’t without a few glitches. Our raft capsized after hitting another raft that was stuck sideways in our pathway between the rocks, and I lost a shoe. (We ended up with just a few bruises and scratches, totally worth it!) The first big hike to a cave full of stalagmites had to be postponed a couple of days because my hiking boots fell apart a half-mile up the very steep hill. The theme of the week? Shoes. The rafting company was gracious and wonderful, providing me a new pair of shoes. I was just glad I’d taken a back-up pair of hiking shoes so I didn’t have to head downtown and waste vacation time buying new ones.

When we’re not on vacation, we eat pretty healthy and we try to stay fit and we didn’t want to blow it while on vacation. I’ve lost 15 pounds this year and while I didn’t obsess when away, I didn’t go crazy with decisions that would come back to haunt me later. I packed kombucha, protein bars and drinks, a lot of things that belong to our normal lifestyle. Listed below are a few more things that are easily fit into our daily life, when we get outside to get fit and get active. This post is sponsored by (They sent me these products for free, and all of the photos are my own.)

get fit and stay active

I’ve been running since 2009, and I’ve learned that the best way I can stay focused is to play music with a beat that fits my pace. This means I need quality headphones that stay in place, so these new AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Headphones are perfect! They actually sit in front of and around my ears, leaving my eardrum open so I can listen to the music while still hearing a car or person come up around me. This makes me feel safer and that’s HUGE. It’s called bone conduction technology and you have to try it out! Bonus? They also come in Canyon Red, a 2018 trending color! Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more info, too.

get fit and get active

I like to do backyard yoga, where I clearly don’t worry about my hair, but the neighbor’s barking dog…or the traffic over that wall behind me…can be distracting. Pop on the wireless headphones and turn on the relaxing music. Let the zen begin.

Speaking of zen…iff you drink kombucha, you know about the health benefits it can offer, kind of an inner zen. Due to its unique taste, you want a quality brand that isn’t overwhelmingly vinegar. Brew Dr. Kombucha has the perfect blend! It’s 100% raw and unpasteurized, giving you a clean and balanced delicious beverage that also contains trillions of naturally occurring live and active cultures while being low-sugar and low-calorie. I got to try two flavors: Strawberry Basil and Clear Mind. Both were unique, fresh and flavorful, but I liked the Strawberry Basil best even though Clear Mind is their most popular flavor. (I’ve tried making my own but I just can’t get that flavor combination right — now I don’t need to worry about it!)  Visit them on all social platforms at @BrewDrKombucha!

dr. kombucha

Taking care of your skin is important at all ages and levels of activity, but when you’re out and about, in that brutal sun, there’s a lot more exposure to things that can damage your skin, including free radicals. We usually attempt to treat our skin externally, but you can also take measures via an internal method like Heliocare® Daily Use Antioxidant Formula. It’s a daily capsule you swallow in order to help maintain more resilient, younger-looking skin. Heliocare® is a clinically-proven, dermatologist-recommended natural dietary supplement with antioxidant effects on the skin. (Antioxidants can be the antidote to free radicals.) It contains Fernblock® PLE Technology, an extract that is naturally derived from the extract in a tropical fern native to Central and South America that works towards eliminating free radicals. It doesn’t get much easier than swallowing one easy pill! Find out more here, and they’re also available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.***

get fit and get active

That’s my ‘motivation’ pile, you know, when you put out all your gear so you are all ready to get outside. Put it where you can’t walk around it and you’re more likely to avoid it and make excuses!

While we were hiking on vacation, we packed a lot of protein- and energy-infused products in our backpacks. The Skratch Labs line of hydration and energy products was started in 2012 by a doctor who coached pro cyclists at the Tour de France and the products are based on the recipes he used to help improve the performance of the cyclists. Each product is made with real food ingredients without extra junk to slow you down.  I really enjoyed the Anytime Energy Bar, made with quinoa, brown rice crisps and nut butter. It was tasty and if you’ve ever tried protein or energy bars, you know they don’t always have a good taste. I really enjoyed this bar! The Sport Energy Chews reminded me of a guilty pleasure snack, fruit chews, except these weren’t overly sweet and they were covered in powered sugar to provide just enough flavor and sugar to help you not crash. You can visit their website to learn more, or find them on social channels at the handle @SkratchLabs. Get 20% off your entire order with code: TRYSKRATCH! They are obsessed with helping people perform better, and I think would have to agree that they are!

get fit and get active

Going back to the postponed hike and the shoe incident, we were really at a loss. I was too far up the hill for someone to run back to our truck and grab my spare shoes, and I couldn’t easily make it down the hill without possibly injuring my foot. We tried tying the sole to the bottom of the shoe, but that fell off after just a few feet. Words don’t do this justice….

broken hiking shoe

We could have really used T-Rex® Tape, a next generation technology tape that everyone from DIYers to professionals to extreme sports enthusiasts and outdoorsmen use to get the job done. This strong duct tape would have easily held this sole on my shoe and kept my foot from slipping out while I was walking down the steep grade back to the road. I also would have been able to save that pair of “I love glamping!” socks that are now permanently ruined. I can also find a zillion other uses for this water-resistant tape, because I am not a handy-woman in any sense and duct tape fixes everything, right?

Life is short. Living longer is great, but enjoying the life in your years is maybe even more important. Get outside, get fit and get active as an individual or as a family! Let me know what you think about my recommendations above and if you have a hiking disaster story like my shoe one above, I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Your shoe made me laugh! It sounds like quite a trip. We have that Trex tape at home. I bet you could have wrapped your shoes and made it all the way, my husband swears by that stuff. I will have to look for the kombucha, I have been drinking another brand.

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