Tips to Make Running More Fun: It Can Be Done

I have a confession to make.

Don’t tell anyone, okay?

I am big into fitness and I am running 4-5 days a week now. It works for me – I burn a lot of calories, I’m firming up and toning my major muscle groups and my back is getting stronger as I hold my core in while running. I also do Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and Doonya, and I lift free weights and use the Crossfit.


But here is my secret. Even though I run frequently, I don’t like running.

There, I said it. Out loud. I don’t like to run!

Still, I force myself. The benefits are good, I get more energy and I sleep better. How do you make running more fun? Here are some ideas.

  • If you’re running indoors or on a treadmill, try running outside. Sometimes a change of scenery, if you’re able (as I know weather and locale doesn’t always permit), can make it go faster.
  • If you’re stuck on the treadmill, try to jazz up your surroundings. Another one of my secrets? I’m a huge Thor fan, so I have a poster my husband bought me on the wall in front of the treadmill. A little “hmmmm” motivation never hurts anyone.
  • If you have a TV within viewing distance, save a movie you’ve wanted to see for your running time. If you can pay attention to something you’re really interested in, you will pay less attention to the numbers on your treadmill screen.
  • Or you can cover up those numbers and just do the best you can, as long as you can!
  • Sign up for a free Pandora account and find a channel of your favorite music. It’s free and listening to new music you can’t usually listen to can keep you moving.
  • Get a new workout outfit! Sometimes a little boost like feeling good about how you look in your running shoes can make a big difference!
  • Track your mileage. Reward yourself every so many miles.
  • Got a tablet? Prop it on your treadmill display board (or book rack, if you have one) and catch up on a book or even an Audible version! Multi-tasking can make it easier to schedule your workout, knowing you can use that time for more than “just” a workout. (But don’t underestimate the value of a workout! It’s so worth the time!)

Even if nothing makes it fun, run knowing you’re making yourself stronger and healthier (with doctor’s permission, of course) and that it’s worth the time spent.

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  1. I’ve done a couple of those things for using my treadmill (occasionally), but I usually end up just going out & walking the dogs. Since the little one has such short legs, we can’t run very well; but it is nice to get outside.

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