Have You Had Your Mammogram This Year?

2013 is almost over. Chances are, by the time you read this, it will be over. Did you do everything you wanted?

More specifically, did you do what you needed? Like a mammogram?

I’m not a doctor, and I know there is some dispute on how frequently you need a mammogram and at what age to start, but I do believe that mammograms are important. They save lives. After losing two parents to cancer, I firmly believe that if you can catch cancer early, it’s worth the risk the test might pose, so that’s my disclaimer. I’d much rather get this test once a year than wonder if I’m missing something in my monthly self-exam. (You should still do those, even if you get regular mammos.)

I was lucky and got the first mammogram appointment of the day. I start work early and didn’t want any delay, so thank you, Kaiser, for getting me in and out so quickly!

please wait sign

That sign. I love it. I hate to have people behind me listening to my personal info, especially when you frequently have to spell your last name or share a phone number. Too bad so many disregard this sign and are right up behind you, even when you’re entering a PIN # for a debit card co-pay payment.

mammography waiting room

That sign is a little foreboding. It’s a quiet place in there.

mammography waiting room

It was pretty empty this early.

me in mammography waiting room

I am gorgeous that early in the morning,with only one cup of coffee, minimal makeup and of course, no deodorant. (It messes with the pictures.) I really had brushed my hair, but pulling a shirt off over my head gave my hair some serious static.

mammography machine

I was fortunate. I was scheduled in the digital machine room, where the test is a little more high-tech and I think less painful. I didn’t say comfortable — they do move and then just when you think they’ve wedged you and tightened it sufficiently…as you’re holding your breath..they turn the knob manually one more time. Ouch. Deep breath. Count. Listen to the beep. Breathe. Relax. And do it again, other side. (That black tray? Yes, that’s where you lay your breast and the clear part comes down to squeeze it.)

mammography machine

Yep, that.  See the brand name? I got a little giggle of of it..ho and logic. Hahaha. I know. It was early, don’t judge.

Then comes the tilted views.

mammography machine

Once more each side, face not pressed into the glass this time at least, and you drape your arm up and over.

All in all, it took maybe 10 minutes from the time I changed into the gown (naked, waist up) and got back into my clothes. Ten minutes that could save a life.

Just do it. Make the call.

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