And the bag there behind the shirt? That’s the test project that comes with the 12 x 12 EasyPress 2!

A friend of mine swears by her bar-top table for using her EasyPress, but my table is a little lower. I am not a tall person so I wanted to be able to see over the project entirely. Just make sure the table is sturdy so you get an even press. That’s where the Cricut EasyPress 2 excels over any other options, as the heat plate evenly distributes heat so you have no worries about one area adhering faster or better than any other.

T-shirts, totes and onesies are all available on the Cricut website too, but I did buy a few over at the local craft store. I got them on a really cool holiday sale for $2.50 each, so I can experiment and learn without ruining a more quality t-shirt. I want to try making a pair of personalized tennis shoes and the new Cricut EasyPress Mini would be the perfect tool for that.

Storage for all my equipment was a bit of a concern initially. My craft room doubles as my social media business office, but the EasyPress comes with its own storage bag. My 12 x 12 press sits on a shelf in an armoire in my office on its end so it isn’t a space hog, and my 9 x 9 sits right next to it on the same shelf.

Depending on what type of projects you’ll be doing, you may want different sizes of mats. Baby onesies have a lot of weird seams, so the tiniest mat is good to have so you are getting an even press around those seams. (And a small EasyPress 2 works good for those too, but you can use a bigger size.)

Best of all, it’s a great time of year to be a newbie Cricut crafter! You can gift everyone with personalized items, create holiday cards, gift tags, wall decor, Christmas tree ornaments and more…and there are sales coming. Here are a few current deals available for the next few days at least. (And I’ll come back later to include more!) These are affiliate links, so if you purchase from them, I may make some cash; thank you!

Cricut EasyPress Starts at $49 Through November 26“>Cricut EasyPress Starts at $49 Through November 26

Free Shipping to U.S. and Canada on Orders of $99 or More. Use code NOVSHIP.

My next project is a Christmas pillow and some really cool Marvel-inspired t-shirts…or maybe I’ll just make one that says “COOL NEWBIE CRICUT CRAFTER” on it, since a lot of met each other in the Cricut aisle at the craft store last week. It’s a great way to make friends apparently.

Craft on!

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