A Week in the Life of a Working Mom and Blogger

As a blogger, I’m always taking photos. It’s one of the most important parts of blogging, and I love it. I often get weird looks but I’m pretty good at continuing onwards and ignoring it. (I am careful to not include people in photos unless they’re okay with it.) And as a mom, the camera is always in my hand anyway. I end up with so many photos that don’t get used other than being uploaded to the cloud for inclusion in a future paper scrapbook. I’ve decided to start using more of those photos, so this is the first of a new weekly series of “A Week in the Life of a Working Mom and Blogger.” I work, I parent and I blog and here are some examples of what a week in the life of a working mom and blogger is like!


 It rained and we went out. That means she wanted an umbrella selfie. Who can turn down that cute smile?


Then there was the time that the husband said “Donna, there’s a bird in the house.” Aww, how cute, poor little finch, help it out. Then I looked up and realized it wasn’t one of the cute little finches that sit out back. That very large pigeon had obviously been sitting up there for quite some time. We figured out when it happened. (Thanks, neighbor behind us, for letting your cat roam free into my yard.) A few hilarious minutes later, with the help of a broom used as a perch — not to hit or scare — and the husband had the pigeon relocated outside. Then he cleaned the soffit. Days later, I’m still cautious any time I leave the slider open for a few minutes. Be careful of those big pigeons. They are beautiful when they fly but their long wingspan can totally topple a large vodka bottle you forgot to move before you started the relocation process.


Love these oranges. The tree provides great shade in the back corner of the yard and will soon be surrounded by grass and a turtle pond, complete with fountain. These oranges are great cut in slices in Little Dude’s lunches and they make one heck of a mimosa.


The family that gets routine bloodwork together stays together, right? I loved the phlebotomist but my darned veins wouldn’t cooperate, hence the digging around in the back of my hand. Next time, I’m going to really hydrate better and see if that makes it better.


Having to go down to the lab meant we had the opportunity to go out to breakfast together. This called for a stop at Cardenas. (You know them as being the Del Real company as well, the fantastic pre-made Mexican food sold at Costco and other stores.) I was astounded at the size of the store. It was my first visit and I am hooked; my next shopping trip will be there. So many fresh vegetables and fruits I can’t easily find anywhere else. (I will have to tell you sometime about my history with learning to cook Mexican food from the best many years ago. It stuck with me and it’s our most favorite type of food. Luckily, I know how to make it authentic and we all enjoy it, though I always look to try new things and learn more.)


They even make their own tortillas there!


 Silliness…but I almost bought it. (Seen at Aki Home.)

photo booth

And photo booth fun from the night at nFuse!

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  1. I love all of the photos that you shared. I wish that I had a nice orange tree in my yard. That would save us a ton of money on fresh fruit, which is one thing that I have been trying to buy this year for us to eat.

    1. Thank you! I take so many pictures, it’s great to have a reason to use more now! That orange tree is a huge help. It’s great to slice them up and put in my son’s lunch, too. I’m hoping to get the garden in the new planters in early March, so I will have to buy very little produce. It’s expensive out here with the drought and I like organic so it’s even a little more, making me pick and choose what I can afford to buy. Now I should be able to buy the few things I can’t grow but want. I’ll share more photos as it gets planted!

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