Putting My Erin Condren Wellness Journal to Good Use

2020 is a big year for me. We’re taking a two-week trip to France and Italy. We’re undertaking a huge renovation for our home (or moving, if I get too frustrated, ha!). We’re getting a new dog. Or two. All of this means I need to get back on track with my fitness program, and not just for losing weight, but to work on feeling fit and well. Enter my new Erin Condren wellness journal bundle!

erin condren wellness bundle

First, thanks to Erin Condren for sending me a complimentary bundle for the purpose of this post. I’m really excited to put it to good use, and the timing couldn’t be better. Project Paris is underway, and that includes some form of exercise five days a week, a well-balanced nutrition plan that provides the right amount of protein, healthy fats and carbs, and room to still splurge on food at a media event without guilt.

But wellness isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about so much more. Feeling good physically and mentally. Feeling good about myself. Repeat that one: feeling good about myself. It’s so important, yet it’s so hard to do.

I went shopping today for a dress, and one was too baggy on me — which was a good thing — but another showed every glass of wine and mini-Almond Joy I’ve eaten in the last year. I came home and did I work out? No, I got on the couch with my laptop, watched the incredibly scary Daytona 500 while working. That may have helped my income, but didn’t help my dress problem.

I’m working on something new: manifesting through the Law of Attraction. I am super brand new at it and it’s a tough habit to build. I need to schedule meditation and gratitude, right up there with exercise and meal planning. With my busy year ahead, I need to stay organized to prioritize my fitness goals. The Erin Condren wellness journal bundle is my key to making that happen more realistically.

The set comes with four components: a Wellness Log, Petite Planner Wellness Log stickers, a Habit Tracker notepad and a six-pack of colorful markers. Journaling and list-making can become boring at times, but add in stickers, pretty colors and tools you like using. Make the journals attractive, let your creativity flow and get beyond the feeling that working on your list is just one more thing ON another to do list. Studies also show that you get more inspired by things that you’ve decorated on your own in some way and that are visually appealing.

erin condren wellness journal bundle

The Erin Condren Wellness journal set is available online at the Erin Condren website for $40, but you can sometimes find sales or discount codes for shipping. The Wellness Log is a best selling Petite Planner and it offers a lot of things in one place that make it easy for me to see my successes and help motivate me when I don’t hit my goals. It’s also full of brief inspirational phrases that will stick in your head long after you close the journal.

The journal allots space for you to track your monthly process. You can also notate daily things in the journal, allowing you to go back and see what you did on weeks/months that were successful, while providing a historical viewpoint of what you’ve tried. You can also track your nutrition and your intake. (I like this particularly because I need reminders to stay hydrated!)

I wish I’d had this wellness journal when I first started running! As I try to get back into taking regular runs, I look forward to notating how long I run, my pace, my step count and calories burned. Comparing a run now with a run in two months should help me remind myself of the WHY and the HOW of building good wellness habits.

erin condren wellness journal bundle

A big bonus to this set is that it easily stows into my bag or laptop case, so I can take it along wherever I go. While my fitness tracker tracks my stats for me, I want to also enter my steps and stats onto my wellness log while I’m on my trip as well as the many business trips I take.

I’m happy for a pretty product that does what I need and makes a mindless task into something fun, meaning I’m much less likely to forget both the acts of doing the exercise and writing it down. Getting fit and staying well can be hard enough as it is, so why not make it easier?

erin condren wellness journal bundle

I’m headed off to the gym now, so I can start making notations, and doodles, on my clean slate!

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