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I’m currently training for a 10k. I am not the world’s fastest runner – I average about 5.2 mph – but I still run like I mean it. I started running years ago, stopped last year and then picked it back up again about 2.5 months ago. I didn’t like it at first and began to run only to whittle down my thighs, my backside and my jiggly abs (they are under there) but then found I liked it. When my body became accustomed to the length and speed, I started to increase both. I’m well past the point of feeling comfortable for a 5k, and am signed up for one in March (which was postponed from November 22) but not yet comfortable with a 10k. Can I do it? Yes, but it would probably mean slower speeds or doing some walking in the middle. That’s not okay with the competitive side of me though, so I am determined to make it running the whole way through. This means soreness. Aching muscles. Throbbing legs. It’s all a part of running, but that doesn’t mean I have to just deal with it. Enter Salonpas, a new pain relieving best friend that’s going in my gym bag now.


This is where Salonpas comes in. I received a complimentary large box of Salonpas products in order to write about them and they couldn’t have come at a better time! I had been trying to decide what product to buy when the opportunity arose, so I was really excited when the package arrived.


In the box, I received three five-pack packages of Pain Relief Patch, an 8-pack box of the Pain Relieving Gel-Patch Hot, two Pain Relieving Jet Spray and one Deep Relieving Gel lotion. I’ve tried them all now, numerous times, and have to say that the lotion is my favorite product. I like each item of the line, but the lotion seems to get to the root of the problem the fastest and gives me an excuse for a mini-massage from the husband, as the spots I need it often are the hardest for me to reach. (I can reach my legs easily, but you know how it is; it’s just not as relaxing when you have to do it yourself!)

Each product offers a different set of options basically. The pain relief patches last 8-12 hours and is a topical analgesic that smells like menthol. The Gel-Patch Hot patches are stretchable and last up to 8 hours, with capsaicin as an ingredient. The deep relieving gel focuses on sore muscles and lasts up to 8 hours, and can be put anywhere without fitting on a patch. The spray is a non-drip, quick-dry formula that lasts up to 8 hours, and includes an NSAID. Depending on your need, you have a lot of options.


That’s my favorite of them all — works so fast and again, MASSAGE.


Salonpas products are FDA approved with no prescription required. They are so handy to have on hand when you are waiting on an appointment or you are traveling and know you’ll be uncomfortable. I took a package of the pain relief patches and the gel lotion with us when we went to Phoenix a few weeks ago for the Nascar race. After six hours in the RV and a lot of walking, my neck was hurting; I’ve had problems sporadically for the last couple of months, probably related to running or turning back and forth between two laptops, and I was afraid it would get worse after sitting up while on the road. Sure enough, I ended up using one of the patches the day after we arrived. I was so glad to have it with me! Easy to apply though when my bra strap rubbed against it, the corner did tend to turn up. This wouldn’t be a problem in most locations and it may just be the fit of the bra I’ve worn with it, but keep it in mind. A cami strap probably would have been fine but we were, well, out in public. 😉


See how thin it is? You can see my fingers through it.


Those squiggly lines? That shows you the strip you need to remove to secure the patch to your back before you smooth down both sides.

salonpas patch

Yes, that is my overly freckly shoulder. Blame wayyyy too many hours at the beach as a teen.

Overall, I am really happy with the Salonpas line that I tested. Fast, over-the-counter pain relief that doesn’t stain my clothes, doesn’t make me smell like a cedar chest and works fast. No dripping, no staining and no ruined clothes, something I can’t say for every pain-relieving type of ointment I’ve used throughout the years. I can pack them in a suitcase for a trip or in my purse for a long day, and no one needs to know that I’m using anything at all!

As a runner or any type of athlete, you’re going to have days where you realize you pushed it. I’ve twisted my ankle on a sidewalk berm, cracked my neck turning at a sudden noise (since car drivers don’t always remember that runners can have space at the side of the road) or did one too many sprints. Soreness is part of the game of running, as is with many sports. Having something like Salonpas that can give me some immediate relief, doesn’t cost me a lot of money and nearly no time = perfect. It’s my new best friend. Low-maintenance, affordable and fast. Perfect for any busy athlete, mom, businessperson or anything, right?

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