Only Have 10 Minutes to Spend on Social Media Promotion?

Social media promotion for your business can be a full-time job, but we don’t all have all day to work on it. Most business owners and entrepreneurs and even social media managers with numerous clients have to learn how to maximize their time and make the most of unscheduled moments.

Businesses require social media awareness and involvement but when you’re pulled in a million directions, you need to get the biggest bang for your buck.  If all you have is ten minutes, you can still make a big difference in brand awareness and traffic without killing your schedule.

Try out these few simple tips to knock it out of the park on Facebook and see measurable differences! (And then come back because this is the first in a series of ten-minute success stories everyone can achieve, to include Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and G+.)

  • Visit the Facebook pages of your most recent 5-10 commenters. Like their content and/or comment.
  • While visiting those pages, look through their existing comments. Visit pages of those who comment, like them if appropriate, like some of their content and drop in a couple of brief but legitimate and genuine replies.
  • Search 1-2 keywords that are relevant to your page to find new pages to like. Interact as outlined above.
  • Share 3 pieces of others’ content you see on your feed.
  • On your page, share 1 link back to some of your content on your blog or G+.
  • Take 30 seconds to thank your new followers.

Social media promotion doesn’t need to be scary or intimidating, and while it’s a cornerstone to success in the digital space, you can make it work for you in small pieces of time. Ideally, you’d have more than those ten minutes per day, but in a busy world, entrepreneurs already have a lot on their plate. Start small and you’ll reap the benefits of the time — which will probably motivate you to do even MORE.

Enjoy! Promoting your business is a necessary task but it can still be fun!

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    1. So true, Christy! You get pulled in so many directions, sometimes it’s easier to focus on just a few minutes of intensive time, knocking out steps on a list. You don’t get sucked in and you’re still very effective.

  1. I’m working toward a short, simple routine I can do each day–this will help (along with your Twitter post!); now I just need to not get distracted when I start doing those key word searches LOL

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