My Ancestry Test Results from Nebula Genomics Arrived!

Just two and a half weeks ago, I sent off my complimentary home DNA test kit to Nebula Genomics. The slated time for return was approximately 12-14 weeks, but this morning, I heard back with my ancestry test results. So fast and such a welcome surprise on this cold, dreary and rainy morning.

You can read more about taking home DNA test in this blog post, and I explain more about Nebula’s processes, dna test cost, and more. It was really easy to do. Swipe the inside of my cheek for 30 seconds, make sure I properly snap the stick off after putting it in the tube, and sending back out via USPS in the included package. It took all of two minutes to do and now, in less than three weeks, I just learned a lot more about my family’s ancestry.

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Have you ever done a home ancestry test?

I’d done another dna test a few years back. I knew there had to be more to my background, something that explained the red in my hair and my dad’s darker coloring. The first test confirmed the Spanish and added in a couple of things. Today’s ancestry test results from Nebula confirmed those same ancestries, as well as Algerian, and added in one more: Italian. Who knew??

Honestly, that one surprised me, but as dna tests continue to be fine-tuned, with more and more people taking them and providing data for companies to use for comparison, it’s always possible for more ancestry information to become available. The more people and the more data means the better the ability to dig deeper and get far more granular. My prior home tests had hinted at some more DNA from that region, as well as Iceland, but Nebula clarified it. I’m fascinated!

When someone asks me where I come from, I have a much better answer. I was born here, but we’re not just where we’re from, but where our parents, their parents and all our ancestors come from. My husband’s parents were both born outside of the United States, making him a first generation Hungarian and French-Canadian. We all come from somewhere and knowing that “where” can answer a lot of questions.

I also learned way more than just where my ancestors come from. I had over 300 tests made available to me, tests that showed my percentiles for being predisposed to certain things. I’ve joked recently that I have ADHD, and one of those 300+ tests said that I’m in the 98th percentile for likelihood of ADHD. I was glad to see my risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s was very low. This, of course, is no guarantee, but it’s a comfort and something I can use when talking to my doctor. DNA and genetics yield a ton of helpful knowledge to pass on, even though it is not considered medical advice — but you can download your results and give them to your medical team. If I’d had the higher cost version of the test, it would give me even more information.

Have you ever wanted to have ancestry tests run? Not all tests are the same! Research in advance and if you want more genetics info, consider the Nebula Genomics home dna tests. They have different packages, depending on your budget, and all of them come with a lifetime membership, which means you’ll continue to receive the results of additional and new DNA tests that are run on your data. As technology improves, so will your information.

Ancestry tests don’t tell everything you need to know, if you’re looking to trace your roots or prepare yourself for medical issues, but a home ancestry test is a stepping stool, a tool to start your genealogy search or tell your kids more about their ancestry. Starting at $99, Nebula Genomics is an affordable entry into your history!

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