New Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheets to Download

Disney’s newest live action movie comes out in just a few short weeks on March 17. This is one of my most favorite Disney stories ever, and I’m so excited to be able to see it soon. The cast is stellar and the trailer is just a prelude to what is going to be an amazing revision of the story of Belle, the Beast and all the unique characters in the small, provincial town. (I’m singing the song in my head now.) Because I love it so much, I’m sharing Beauty and the Beast coloring sheets free for download!

Download each and print out for your kids…or you, right? … to color. The one of Belle is beautiful but my favorite may be Mrs. Potts and little Chip. Or Belle and the Beast dancing. Or Belle with her favorite book. Too many to choose from!

Watch the trailer down below to get the music stuck in your head, too, and enjoy these printables to feed your Disney love!

I feel like Emma Watson was such a perfect choice for this role. She’s beautiful yet has the simplicity that Belle’s personality brings to the story, a quiet regalness yet curious. Not everyone could do that as successfully as I feel Emma’s going to do. I don’t know the Beast’s actor as well, but looks alone, awesome! I think this is going to be a movie that’s going to have me singing along as I head out of the theater. Being a Disney geek means I frequently get as much out of the movies, animated or live action, as the kids do!

Enjoy the trailer and have fun with these Beauty and the Beast coloring sheets! Let me know which one is your favorite…and which one you, I mean, which one your kids color first!

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