Drinking Mushroom Coffee: Easy Daily Mushroom Coffee Recipe and Tips

If you’re on social media at all, you’ve probably seen people talking about drinking mushroom coffee. If you’re intrigued about this growing trend, keep reading — I’ll share some tips about my experience with it and one super easy mushroom coffee recipe.

drinking mushroom coffee with this easy mushroom coffee recipe

First off, mushroom coffee isn’t new, but it’s growing in popularity as people are starting to realize the potential benefits. I’ve been drinking Ryze Mushroom Coffee, which is made from adaptogenic mushrooms, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane, containing only about 48 gm of caffeine per cup, instead of the 100+ in your traditional cup of coffee. That’s a win on its own.


It can help promote good gut bacteria and help rebalance hormones that affect bloating, in addition to helping with skin issues, mental acuity, gut health overall and also help improve your immune system. Having an autoimmune disorder, that part particularly intrigued me. I’m also really excited about how Lion’s Mane also has neurological benefits, with a recent study showing that taking it for four weeks can help mental health and well-being in general.

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I’m only three weeks in with my new daily habit of drinking mushroom coffee each morning. I’m normally a two-cups-per-day person with coffee, and not an entirely friendly one until I’ve had at least that first cup. After we returned from Costa Rica, we switched to drinking our coffee black. Now I drink one cup of regular black coffee, and cup #2 is my Ryze mushroom coffee. I don’t miss that second cup of typical coffee at all, and that’s something I never, ever thought I’d say.

making mushroom coffee

For many diehard coffee lovers, the act of preparing the coffee and savoring it is a relaxing routine to start the day. The process of making a mushroom coffee is similar to making a matcha tea. It can be calming yet invigorating, and I look forward to it daily. On mornings where it’s cool enough, I take my cup out back and enjoy it while listening to the birds and watching the pups play. When it’s hot, I sit on the couch, planning my day and being thankful for a quiet start.

Keep reading for my super-simple mushroom coffee recipe to change it up!

Gotta be honest though, so you’re prepared: mushroom coffee does have a distinctive order. My first cup had me wondering if I could continue drinking it. I am not a fan of what a lot of people will call earthy flavors — in wine, tomatoes, or in anything. I did finish it, because I knew I’d need to try it for at least a week before I gave it a fair review. I’m so glad I stuck with it, because now I’m hooked and am excited I’ve officially become an ambassador!

Yes, you do adapt to the odor, and I’ve picked up a couple of tips that you might want to try from the beginning.

drinking mushroom coffee with this easy mushroom coffee recipe
  1. Really stir it well. I prefer using a hand frother. I got one from Amazon for lattes, and it is perfect for mushroom coffee. The coffee can be a little gritty, but once it’s mixed thoroughly, that isn’t a problem. (That’s an affiliate link, fyi.)
  2. Drink it hot OR cold, but pick one and be intentional. If you let it cool before you finish, it can settle and there may be some sediment. It just tastes better hot or iced.

Now, for my super-easy mushroom coffee recipe that really isn’t a recipe at all but is just one basic way to change the odor a bit. It also may make it more palatable if you’re sensitive to the earthy flavors. Here it is: add cinnamon before you mix it!

cinnamon in mushroom coffee recipe

I have an amazing hot water pot that I use for tea but my Keurig does the job with less hassle. Put the one tablespoon of Ryze Mushroom Coffee powder into your favorite coffee mug. (I use a taller one so frothing doesn’t go over the edge.) Run a hot water cycle for 8 oz of water. When it’s done, sprinkle 2-3 generous sprinkles and then froth it for 25-30 seconds. The more you froth, the foamier the top gets; that’s pretty, but what you’re really aiming for is to mix the powder. Enjoy!

drinking mushroom coffee with this easy mushroom coffee recipe

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started drinking mushroom coffee. I mean, mushrooms…but the idea that I could feel energetic without being jittery and that I could regular my system without having to take some no bloat pill was really alluring. Three weeks in, I definitely see a decrease in daily bloat; I started seeing that pretty quickly, in fact. I am as awake as I would be if I just drank regular coffee. I don’t feel foggy, and I’m alert without feeling too amped up, and I’ve grown to truly like the creamy flavor. In fact, I like it so much that on a busy morning where I can only drink one cup of anything, I choose the mushroom coffee!

It’s too soon to say if I’ve seen an improvement in my immune system, but my RA hasn’t flared, and typically, I get a flare every couple of weeks. So far, so good!

Ryze mushroom coffee basics you need to know: low calories and no sugar, 100% organic ingredients, 100% recyclable packaging, and California grown mushrooms.

The website also has a lot of variations and recipes you can do with Ryze Superfoods products. (They make more than mushroom coffee!) People get pretty creative with it!

frothing mushroom coffee

One last tip: pay careful attention when you sprinkle the cinnamon if you try my not-really-a-recipe mushroom coffee recipe. One morning, with bleary eyes, I mixed up the spoon side with the sprinkle side. Let’s just say I had to dump it out; cinnamon sinks FAST. It runs about $1 per day, give or take (there are deals on their website to bring the cost down) and I didn’t want to waste any but I learned from that to open my eyes a little morning.

You may or may not have the same results that I’ve had — yours may be even more pronounced — but you may just find that you have a new morning beverage routine that makes your day just a little better.

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