How to Beat Winter Blues, With Dr. Gary Foster of Weight Watchers

Every winter, no matter how you may like the snow and/or cold weather, it can feel like it drags on forever. We get through the holidays on a rush of happiness and excitement, then January comes around with the promise of a new year and new opportunities. Then we start to really notice how that weather has just been too cold for too long, how it impedes on our social life and how it hurts our ability to get outside and get moving and those resolutions and anticipation begin to wane.

Sometimes, as a result of how changed our patterns become changed this time of year, and how our resolutions or goals go out the window, we say “what the heck” and grab the brownies. Or we put down the sneakers because just say “we’ll wait until the weather clears up.” Then we sit down, upset with ourselves (even if subconsciously) and let it affect our outlook and mood overall. Those winter blues are a vicious cycle.

This is why today, January 26, or “Blue Monday,” is a great day to talk about this. The first ever Blue Monday – January 24, 2005 – was established as a marketing idea for a travel company to boost sales during the winter. Psychologist Cliff Arnall produced a formula based on factors such as weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since giving up on our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action. Some argue that there’s no such thing, but there’s no doubt that this is a tough time of year and –  this year’s Blue Monday –  January 26 – is a great time to talk about the things that get us down and how to get back on track.

To help with that, Dr. Gary Foster, Chief Scientific Officer for Weight Watchers, answers my questions about fitness, health and the winter season, along with some great information about Weight Watchers, in the video below.

If you’re interested in the book shown above, it’s available at — it’s their latest book full of 500 recipes for the healthy cook’s kitchen. I can’t wait to get my copy and dive in! These last couple of weeks have been full of media and press events, and I’ve been out of the kitchen and eating food elsewhere every single day. It’s a foodie’s dream, so I’m not complaining, but I also feel sluggish and in the need of a few home cooked meals and quite a few more runs to get my stamina back. (My last run was two days ago, and I only did 1.5 miles! I can’t prep for a 10k like that!) I love being busy but it sure can take a toll on your health and waistline. And the rain is coming back tomorrow, so I may have to get creative and be diligent with my food and exercise…and then I’ll happily sit down by the fireplace, after a healthy meal, knowing I’ve done all I can to combat the weather-induced emotions and winter laziness.

Dr. Gary Foster’s advice is spot-on and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to ask my questions. Such a help when you need that extra motivation. I hope you enjoy it, too!

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    1. Wasn’t his interview great? I struggle with trying to lose 8 or 9 pounds but don’t believe in deprivation; I need to just get off my butt and move or eat a little less. I felt a lot better after listening to Dr. Foster. Thanks for posting!

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