Decorate Your Backyard Oasis with a Colorful Adirondack Chair

Affordability and sustainability don’t always go hand-in-hand, but they’re two sought out characteristics of backyard furniture in a world concerned about climate change. This Psilvam chair is the best colorful Adirondack chair to complete your backyard oasis without breaking your budget. Scroll down for a link and a 20% discount code!

best affordable and colorful adirondack chair for your backyard oasis

Psilvam sent me a complimentary chair for the purpose of this post, and I couldn’t be happier to add it to my backyard seating arrangement. We frequently host backyard parties and gatherings, and just when we think we have enough seating, we find we’re short. This stylish and comfortable chair fixed that problem…for now, because our gatherings keep getting larger, so I may need another one of these soon!

Here in Southern California, we can have a really rainy winter. Winter of 2023, we even had snow for several days, so any outdoor furniture has to be sturdy. Wood is the look we often want, but typical wood doesn’t last through years of exposure. That’s why this Adirondack chair is made of recycled polystyrene materials, recreating the look of wood but adding a level of durability that will withstand the weather. Unlike other materials, it won’t crack, chip, peel or rot.

You can purchase it here, and if you buy it before July 20, you can save 20% if you use code PD20!

best affordable and colorful adirondack chair for your backyard oasis

Isn’t it pretty? I love the color! There are currently 10 different color choices when you place your order online. This gorgeous teal is a pop of color that accents our existing decor. It’s a perfect chair for sitting under our orange tree, drinking a beverage in the shade while watching the dogs play. It even has a drink holder in the arm!

best affordable and colorful adirondack chair for your backyard oasis

The incline of the seat is just enough for leaning back and reading a book, or working from a laptop, while, say, writing a blog post. It’s also really comfortable for sitting in while watching our outdoor television and is ideal for sitting in around a fire pit, roasting s’mores or drinking a cold one. At 48 pounds, it’s still light enough to be easily moved yet it’s 5″ bigger on both the seat and the back than other Adirondack chairs on the market now.

The chair does need to be assembled, but it took my husband less than 15 minutes to put it together, and it needed no tools other than the Allen wrench included in the box. Six main pieces of the chair, 12 screws in predrilled holes, done in no time at all…and with no cussing. The website does suggest to have two people available, but the hubs only needed one. (Could he have shaved off a minute or two with help? Maybe, but now you know that in a pinch, you can assemble the chair solo!)

best affordable and colorful adirondack chair for your backyard oasis

Our backyard is small, and part of the yard area was already taken up by the massive orange tree when we purchased the house. We’ve worked hard to make the space a true oasis, away from the world and all its distractions. With some strategic plant and trellis placement, and the existing high walls, we have privacy and peace for ourselves all day long. We needed space for our large family, for the dogs to run around (and potty) and to plant a yearly garden. I think we achieved it pretty well in the square footage we had available.

Now you’ll find me taking a break out there in my colorful Adirondack chair, a bright spot on a busy or bad day. The chair is super easy to clean. I take a microfiber cloth that’s mildly damp and wipe it down. If I needed to, I could just hose it off and let it dry but so far, we haven’t needed to do that yet.

best affordable and colorful adirondack chair for your backyard oasis

Furnishing your backyard oasis can be done on a budget! Remember, a budget doesn’t mean just what you spend now, but your expenditures over a period of time. Spending a little more at the time of the initial purchase can mean you won’t be buying a replacement in just a few years. You also want comfort, and some cheaper furniture can result in splinters or needing to refinish it in order to keep it looking new. And these Psilvam Adirondack chairs don’t fade. Big bonus, because we chose a bright color and we want it to stay that way.

Consider an affordable and sustainable Adirondack chair to enhance your backyard oasis vibe!

best affordable and colorful adirondack chair for your backyard oasis

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