Getting a Great Hair Style and Cut Makes You Feel Like a New Person

Last night, my oldest daughter took me out to get a new hairdo for my birthday. Color me excited. (See what I did there?) My hair was in BAD need of shaping and styling, and if you’d asked me what color it was, I wouldn’t have even known what to say. Red? Orange? Brown? Muddy rainbow?

before picture

See what I mean?

Let’s just say that T.J. at Studio 4 Salon in Riverside, California, is a miracle worker. Need proof?

after picture

It almost doesn’t even look like the same head, right??  I know. My hair looks amazing.

SoCal peeps, if you want a good cut and style and a beautiful color, T.J. is the one to see! Ask for him when you call and I know you will be thrilled with how your hair turns out!  I get my hair cut fairly regularly (normally? lol) and since I am a fan of color, I’ve been to a lot of stylists..and a lot of times, left with a sore neck, tired ear or unhappy that my style didn’t come out like I’d envisioned. Not so last night! I am SO happy with how it turned out! (And I had a fun time chatting! “Go eatcha lunch” will never mean the same thing again..)

Just in time for this weekend’s JackFM 80’s Flashback concert, too! Now, if I could just learn to blowdry and style it as perfectly as he did…

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  1. I love, love, love your new color! I love the hairstyle too! I just had a partial hair overhaul a few weeks ago, but need to go back for color. I was thinking red hues too. I’m kinda over my ombre colors already. Time to think fall colors!

    1. I’m loving this whole ombre thing! (And glad my daughter is friends with a great stylist, I didn’t know who to go to since I moved back.)

      Thanks! I am so glad I went for it!

    1. Thanks! The before/after shots are so different, I can’t believe that’s really my hair! (Both before AND after…omg, it looked way more awful before than I knew LOL)

  2. Thanks! It’s even a little more vibrant in the light, I’m so glad I did it!

    Thank you!! I’m headed out to the fashion event at VG and will respond after, a moment in the spotlight! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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