Hemp CBD Products for Moms: Moving Beyond the Stigma

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was considering writing about hemp CBD products for moms, and while I know there’s still misunderstanding out there, I was really surprised at some of the responses I heard.

  • What? You’re going to write about marijuana on your blog?
  • Don’t do that, people will think you use pot.
  • I don’t think moms will read about CBD products.
  • Be careful, brands won’t want to work with you if you write about CBD products.

Admittedly, the responses made me hesitant, so much so that I decided not to do it. The idea stayed on a back burner, ignored until I started receiving emails from hemp CBD providers asking me if I’d consider writing about their hemp CBD oil or hemp CBD edibles on the blog. I realized that I was disregarding the opportunity to help remove the CBD stigma, clear up some misinformation, and be a potential resource to my readers. After doing some research, I decided to go ahead with it.

hemp cbd products

To be clear up front: Hemp CBD is NOT marijuana. It cannot get you high. It is also very legal here in California, where I live, as is personal marijuana use. While I don’t partake in that habit, it’s a booming business out here on the west coast and in other states. My post isn’t here to debate marijuana usage or even discuss it, because I don’t have that knowledge or experience, but I do want to talk about using hemp CBD products and the benefits available.

*Note: CBD extracted from the cannabis sativa plant can have THC in it.

First off, what is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is a phytocannabinoid molecule found with no psychoactive properties in the hemp plant.

It’s important to know that face because the lack of psychoactive properties is what differentiates it from marijuana. There are only trace amounts of THC in CBD, if any. In a very oversimplified statement, it’s THC that can get you high, and hemp CBD is NOT THC.

Will I get high off of CBD?


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits of hemp CBD products and some things that are available. In order to help me get the word out, CBD Living sent me a box of hemp CBD products in exchange for telling you. This package is a pretty cool selection of things to help pamper a busy, stressed mom…and aren’t all moms the busy and stressed to some degree?

My story using hemp CBD products is simple. A few weeks ago, on our last day of vacation, I woke up and couldn’t turn my head all the way to the left. I’d somehow slept wrong and it was incredibly sore. Ibuprofen wasn’t doing much, and I hate taking too much of something that could upset my tummy or cause other health issues, so I placed an order for a hemp CBD tincture, basically a CBD edible oil that you just drop in your mouth with a dropper. Swallow or place under your tongue to slowly ingest and you’re done. (Read dosage amounts on the bottle. I am no doctor and nothing in this post is medical advice, just facts and directions on where to learn more!)

The results about 1.5 hours later were pretty amazing. I’d been in pain for almost a week by the time I tried it, so I knew what my pain levels were throughout the day. That first dose of CBD drops gave me the first real relief I’d had all week and I was so relieved to have found something that was working!

I also had ordered a hemp CBD salve, a non-greasy salve that smells like lavender (from real essential oils) and also contained full-spectrum CBD. What a difference!

This made me really interested to try the products from CBD Living. They sent me this pile of products.

hemp cbd products

Included was CBD Living Loose Tea, Natural Gummies, Gel Capsules, a CBD Living Chocolate Bar and a bath bomb. All the edibles are made with full spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol/CBD. The mg levels vary, but you can learn all the information about each product at the CBD Living website.

hemp cbd chocolate bar

The CBD Living products fit in everyone’s lifestyle in one way or another, with products you can take on the go or enjoy at home after a long day, like a cup of CBD tea while taking a hot bath made even more relaxing with the CBD bath bomb! Nibble on a CBD chocolate bar, take a capsule or even try one of the CBD Living CBD water!

CBD Living also sells CBD pet products. I’ve got a 12.5 year old Labrador who is suffering from severe osteoarthritis in his back hips, and he could benefit from pet CBD capsules.

What exactly do CBD products do? I mean, why would I try them?

Here’s information directly from the CBD Living website to help answer that question:

CBD acts on CB1 and CB2 receptors to reduce pain and inflammation, curb nausea, reduce stress and calm anxiety. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not leave the consumer feeling “high,” like traditional THC-based products do.

CBD has been shown to be effective on a wide array of symptomology. CBD provides relief from pain, inflammation, nausea, stress and anxiety.

It may also help in the management of more severe disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy and Schizophrenia. CBD has also been shown to slow or reduce the growth of new cancer cells.

edible cbd products

With anxiety being on the rise in today’s society, people are seeking out prescription medications for their anxiety in increasing numbers. Anxiety meds have their own side effects, and while they can be absolutely necessary, it’s fantastic to have alternative to prescriptions. Pain medications can be addictive, and harder to get with the opioid crisis and like many other moms out there, I get headaches and migraines due to stress. If I can alleviate my headaches or at least get them to a more manageable, functional level without prescriptions, I’m all for trying it.

As I sit here, I’ve got CBD salve on my neck. It’s still bothering me some, but improving daily. Where can I buy CBD oil near me? Or any hemp CBD products?

Where can I buy CBD oil near me? Where can I buy hemp CBD products overall?

If you can’t find it locally, it is available for purchase online. Just like I am not a doctor, I am not an attorney, so YOU will have to do your research of the legalities of where you live. The news has a recent story of a woman arrested at a major amusement park for having CBD oil with her, so there are laws and restrictions you will need to keep in mind. My CBD Living products are available online and the list of available products are long.

Keep in mind legalities when traveling as well. I have not traveled with any hemp CBD products so I can’t tell you if there are obstacles, so I would check that before you pack something in a bag and head to the airport.

hemp cbd capsules

I know a lot of people don’t understand the differences between CBD or why you’d use them, but I encourage research before summarily dismissing them as non-viable options. The opportunity to ease pain levels, decrease swelling or nausea and to honestly just relax after a long stressful day is pretty compelling to me. Many people turn to alcohol to achieve some relaxation — and so do I, I love my wine, a good bourbon or even a cold craft beer on a hot day — but alcohol can have adverse effects and of course, you can’t drive after imbibing.

Consider hemp CBD products. Do your research and learn that they are separate from the products people use to get high. They are being used for more and more people, of all ages, in all forms, and I hope that one day, we’ll find it is universally accepted as a viable medical treatment for many. The potential is there!

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