PagerTag by Beets Blu Will Help You to Never Lose Keys Again

Beets Blu provided me with a PagerTag unit to test this out and tell you all about it.

Lost keys. So annoying. You’re ready to head out the door, you grab your cell phone, your purse and go for your keys…wait, hang on a second…where are my keys? Hmmm. WHERE ARE MY KEYS?

The calm moments before you head to take a kid to school or get to work on time and your keys are nowhere to be found.

I’m guilty of it. I am pretty organized, and I have this huge Thor hammer on my keychain that really gives me no excuse to ever lose my keys, but it still happens. I grab them out of my purse, head towards the car and somewhere in the 30’ between the two, I set them down.

And keys aren’t the only things you can easily lose. I used to swear I’d put a GPS on my son’s Nintendo 3DS system, because that thing would slide between seat cushions, down between the car door and his booster, get lost in the clutter of a bedroom, and I’d be dealing with a kid in a panic. Ever heard a husband need a remote and the game’s starting RIGHT NOW?

Then you know why I’m sharing this product, the new PagerTag by Beets, a small tag you can attach to your key ring and when you lose it, head to your phone app, push a button and beep-beep-beep, there’s where you hid that key ring!


Pretty cool, right?

The PagerTag unit itself is pretty small. Here’s a photo to give you a frame of reference. It easily fits onto my key ring without adding any weight but you can also attach it to a lot of other things. It has a little loop for ease of connection but a friend of mine joked that she’d put it on the back cover of her husband’s tablet case with adhesive Velcro strips and she wouldn’t have to run around so often, helping him find it. I laughed but inside, I was thinking that yeah, that’s actually a fantastic idea for several reasons!

Using it’s pretty simple. Install the PagerTag app onto your phone – either Android or iPhone, with certain newer OS’s – and pair the tag with your phone app.


The instructions talk you through it, and within just a couple of minutes, you’re able to test the system to see how you can quickly find your keys.


The app itself is available online – I got mine at Google Play, but you can also get it on iTunes – and there is plenty of support available should you have problems connecting the two. The PagerTag itself is available on Amazon and other places, including their website, found here. My daughter saw the set-up and immediately said she and a friend had just been discussing needing something like this that very morning, because a certain man kept losing his keys. Problem solved! (And now we have gift ideas for him and other people!)

Visit the Beets Blu website — check out the PagerTag system and see if it helps you reduce the time you spend chasing your keys or other items that ‘run away’ from you…like lost socks in the dryer, too bad we can’t find a way to locate them!

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