Road Trip 2013: Memories of a Fiasco

Where to start. Where will you start calling this a hoax or telling me we need to write Hollywood to pitch it to them as a movie? (Will that pay me enough to fund this fiasco?)

Left yesterday morning. Made it 45 minutes before the first issue: fire pit and gas cans fell off on the interstate. I had to stop traffic to collect them as the husband continued to obliviously drive waiting for a place to pull over, unaware it was too late.

Then the emergency window in the rv flapped open and shattered like dust.

Then we got gas and my car died. Twice. Headed to Walmart to get plastic and duct tape for the window and the truck died.


Found a cool place to tow the truck and rv to a repair shop. Gave us a power cord and we spent the night. Still here now, waiting on fuel pump for truck and diagnosis for my car. Already at almost $900, not including my car or rv window.

Sigh. Memories, right? Memories of a fiasco that will take far more time, effort and alcohol to share than I’ve got right now, blogging from the WordPress app on my phone in a dark corner of the country without real wi-fi or the power to use it anyway. Good times, good times.


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