Getting Ready for Halloween the First Year in Our New House

Last week was crazy busy. I won’t go into detail as everyone’s busy but I will say at least it was a productive busy. You know how some weeks you look back and think, what in the world did I really achieve? Yeah, no, that wasn’t last week. It was a long week of going to bed feeling satisfied with the day, and I can’t complain about that!

I’ve got a few blog posts coming up this week — two about the fantastic Chocolate Salon we went to in Pasadena on Sunday — but not sure what day I’ll have them completed. I travel for work on Wednesday (I’m a social media manager in my day job, if you’re a new reader) and have a presentation or two that day to make. Tonight’s indoor trampoline night for my little guy (the local autism society has this event once per month and he LOVES it) and we’re capping off the week with a visit to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor on Saturday night. *Can’t.Wait.*I also have a few cupcake business things in the works and a possible freelance social media project. And it’s only Monday! (See, Monday isn’t always so bad!)

In the meantime, I’ve been getting ready for Halloween. Priorities.

Llet me share with you the photos of my Halloween decoration attempts. I could do so much more, and still haven’t gotten my balcony draped with orange lights yet, but I think it’s a good start!

happy halloween

One of my girls made this when they were younger, and it goes up every year on prime real estate wall space. I love how the light was coming through the front door transom as I took it.

happy halloween

My other daughter made this one. Love it, and I love how they have such different approaches to their Halloween decorating.

halloween decor

Spiders, spiders, everywhere…

halloween witch

We scored on this beauty the day after Halloween a few years ago. She speaks and moves and is motion-activated, so people tend to jump around witchy….<insert evil laugh>

halloween broom

This is witchy’s broom…though it is far taller than her. It is magic and roams all around the house on its own, changing direction on a whim and spouting off scary topics and laughs. Love it. Dogs? Not so much.

halloween crow

Caw-caw, beware! The end is near! The end is near!

Yes, it really says that..and a lot of other things, too!

halloween spiders

More spiders.

halloween mantel

Dollar Tree…check it out. Best little mantel decor pieces ever, on the cheap!

halloween sign

This is on my kitchen wall..fitting, don’t you think?

halloween spider

And another, he’s one of two.

halloween mantel

We eat our dinner next to this each night…spiders, batwings, ice scream… 😉

halloween lantern

This is what you must pass to get to our front door. “Beware!” hangs from the lightpost. Heed the warning! 😉

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    1. Thanks! We are huge holiday people here. We may just go a tad overboard but the kids love it. Halloween night’s a huge event — we have a big crockpot of Bloody Sangria going, spooky music with fog and strobe lights and scary people roaming the yard…pizza for anyone that wants to come and scary movies on inside. Love it! The day after should be a rest holiday 😉 I hung orange lights off the balcony this morning too LOL

  1. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday to decorate for! But, our front porch is in desperate need of repair and we’ll actually start tearing it down this month… so, the majority of the outside holiday decorations won’t happen. ;-/ We’ll do pumpkins and hang the kid creations in the house. That’s about it. Your decos look great!!

    1. We love pumpkins — one of our favorite activities each year is lining up all the kids with the tools, which we have a huge collection of now after all these years, and bowls for the seeds (to roast later) and start carving. With four kids and two significant others, it can be quite a creative lineup! I’m sure your kids will have fun with the pumpkins — my kids go ‘ooh cool’ about my decor then forget about it and ask when we’re carving, so I think the decorating is more for me? LOL

  2. You have such amazing Halloween decorations! My favorite is the sign your daughter made. Since I grew up in a house that no one ever visited (we were on a steep hill with only 5 other houses), we never decorated for Halloween. But we did go all-out for Christmas!

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