Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park: Double Your Jump Time Deal!

Looking for a special birthday party yet you don’t want to have to do a ton of preparation or clean-up? (I can’t be the only one who wishes for this every birthday…which is a lot, when you have four kids.) Consider Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park!

sky zone indoor trampoline

Never been to an indoor trampoline park? The floors are all-trampoline, with walled playing courts and a fun, memorable experience for everyone! (And a lot of exercise!)  We were offered a complimentary party for the purpose of this post, but my opinions are my own. My Little Dude is going to be so excited! He loves trampoline parties and before he tried an indoor trampoline park, he only wanted bounce houses.

For a limited time, book your child’s birthday party at one of three Southern California Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park locations and receive double the jump time! That’s 2 hours of Wall-to-Wall fun! Call them to set it up today — then you can rest easy knowing the party is taken care of and you’re saving money! Click HERE for all the details!

Available at the Riverside, Van Nuys and Covina locations!

sky zone indoor trampoline park

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  3. I’ve been to a number of trampoline parks in the UK and was really surprised to when I went to the Sky Zone Indoor park. Their service was much better in my opinion and kids had a blast. Probably it has to do with the weather because in London, it was raining and over here it was sunny.

  4. One of the best place to fun for kids as well as an adult. I was really surprised when I went to the Sky Zone Indoor park. We had a blast jumping in all the play areas. There I also see children are enjoying a lot to do fun things on a trampoline.

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