Have You Seen These New Thor: Ragnarok Movie Posters?

Thor: Ragnarok comes out on November 3, 2017, and I’ve been sporting one of the first movie posters as my Facebook cover photo for weeks now. I am so ready for this movie to finally get here, and with every passing day, I see more movie tidbits, trivia, guesses, assumptions and theories on what’s going to happen.

Thor Ragnarok

Things people are guessing about are:

Where is Odin? (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THOR: THE DARK WORLD YET! Don’t say you weren’t warned…then again, you’ve had two years.) The last we saw ‘him,’ it was really Loki sitting on his throne giving Thor his non-blessing…and the mjolnir…to return to earth to find his love. Thor didn’t want to be king, and Loki wanted it too bad but had died in battle trying to prevent the aether from getting into the wrong hands.

Why do we see Thor and Loki in New York City?

WHERE DID THOR’S HAIR GO?? (I love Thor, short hair, long hair, no hair, but he just isn’t the same without the long unruly hair and braid.)

Does Jane stay with Thor? How is Lady Sif feeling about all of this, since her feelings for Thor became even more apparent in The Dark World…though Thor seems like a typical man, oblivious to her interest.

Why in the world is Thor in a stadium, fighting with his short hair…yes, again with the hair. And why is Hulk there? Has Hulk re-connected with Black Widow yet? If not, WHY NOT? And what of the missing quinjet?

Does Thor’s known interest in Valkyrie cause problems with his relationship with Jane…if that’s still a thing?

Why does it appear Loki’s on Grandmaster’s side?

The trailers give us just enough to make us wonder…which of course is the goal. I’ve been a Marvel fan for so long, I know the basic stories from the comics, but the Marvel Movie franchise has been known to throw us for a loop, and usually one we end up loving. I can’t wait to see the movie. Repeatedly.

In the meantime, enjoy these new Thor: Ragnarok movie posters. I’ll update as I see more! (And I was sick last week, pardon these not coming up the second I got them!)

Marvel's Thor Ragnarok

Had to put the best first, right?


Looks like he means business!!


Okay, I may have gone in order of who I like the most. I know Loki’s technically a villain, but he’s the villain you can’t help but love. He just needs his mom….oh, wait….

The Hulk

I’m still a little annoyed with this guy. Black Widow needed “the other guy” but Banner still needed to get back home.


I’m a little worried about where Thor: Ragnarok takes Heimdahl, especially once Hela starts to take over Asgard.


And Odin. You are (were?) a good King, but how will you handle things now without Frigga? “Do you not speak and I hear mother’s words?”


Thor’s interest in this badass heroine could take this movie in a whole new direction. Jane, better watch out…


Then these two bad guys….it’s going to be fun seeing new people enter the MCU.

Thor: Ragnarok movie posters

If she can stop Thor’s hammer, this is going to be one wild ride of a movie. Did you buy your tickets yet?

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