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Monthly subscription boxes are gaining in popularity. Clothes, makeup, household goods, they are a great way to save money and make trying new things convenient. Answer a few questions and before you know it, deliveries start arriving. Why shouldn’t it be that simple with wine?

winc wine club membership

Oh, wait. It is! With a Winc Wine Club membership, the process is similar. Head to Winc.com, select your best response to six easy questions designed to ascertain your flavor profiles in general. When done, Winc puts together a four-pack of wine varietals from their large selection. Choose that set of bottles, or swap others in and out, resulting in a wine club membership box that you’ll be excited to receive.

Simple, right? Keep reading to learn how to save $22 on your first shipment!

My first pass at the quiz was pretty spot-on. It gave me two red bottles and one white, but since I was feeling more Chardonnay that day, I removed one of the bottles of red and replaced it with a Chardonnay. (The fourth bottle is not mandatory, but you will receive free shipping if you fill the box and get all four bottles.) The descriptions given on the site helped me to narrow down my choices, as they are very explanatory and visually clear. Basically, click on the wine you’re considering, where the discounted price is given up front so there’s no hunting around, and you’ll see the breakdown of the wine: a few words about the body, sweetness, alcohol level, and the winemaking process. (Many are vegan and eco-friendly!)

winc wine club membership

Slider scales are also presented so you can see the fruit, earth and wood notes of that particular wine. Me, I’m not a fan of the earthy variety so I can quickly skip a wine if there’s any earthiness present. Tasting notes are also available, as well as information on how to serve it (such as at room temperature) and what it pairs well with.

winc wine club membership

Membership is flexible, allowing members to skip a month any time, free of charge. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so you don’t pay for any bottle you don’t like. There’s also no commitment; if you want to cancel, call or do an online live chat to handle it without hassle.

Your bottles arrive in an upright wine box with a handle, easy to carry around and store until you open. Once you’ve tried them, go back online and rate your wines; this isn’t required, but it tells Winc more about your preferences, so future shipments are even more fine-tuned to your taste.

Payment is simple, too. Choose between credit cards, Paypal or Apple Pay and checkout is fast and painless.

The Winc Wine Club membership site is more than just purchasing wine, too. Their website offers recipes and a lot of other information that’s helpful for wine newbies and pros alike …. but with Winc, we can ALL look like a wine pro! It’ll be our secret on how you match your wines so perfectly, and with all the wine options, your guests will be impressed with the delicious wines they probably won’t have seen before. Win-win!

winc wine club membership

Now I’m headed out of my office and to my wine fridge to have another glass of that Summer Water, a light rose that has turned me into a rose fan! I’m also going to open that GVL for tonight’s dinner party. They recommend it remain chilled for serving, and their advice has been perfect so far. Oh, I almost forgot — you also receive a booklet with A-to-Z tips about wine in general, as well as some specifics about available wine options. (Did you know that not all wine should be aged? Some is better off ‘young!’)

Wine lovers, and those who want to get into wine without breaking the bank, give the monthly Winc Wine Club membership a try! (And don’t forget to use this discount to save $22!) Get your Winc on!

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