Download BFG Printables: Disney Summer Fun for the Kids

Are you planning on seeing The BFG when it comes out this week? Even if you aren’t, you can’t miss out on the fun summer activities that these BFG printables will provide for your kids. It’s hot outside here in California, and I love having things like this to hand to the kids to keep them busy. After being out of school for a few weeks, kids AND adults get stir crazy. Finding easy ways to keep the kids occupied and interested, while secretly working on hand-eye coordination, reading and maybe even handwriting, can be tough. Use these BFG printables to help! And with adult coloring being so popular, no need to hide if you want to print these coloring sheets out for yourself! (And I did the maze! I sit on conference calls a lot, don’t judge….)

Disney’s latest movie, The BFG, stands for the Big Friendly Giant and is based on the book by Roald Dahl. Done like every other Disney movie, The BFG will have you entranced in minutes and wishing you had your own BFG. Directed by three-time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg — which is enough reason to see the movie — the BFG is a giant dream collector who connects with Sophie. With Mark Rylance playing the BFG and Ruby Barnhill playing Sophie, the cast is full of talented people portraying the beloved characters.

Each of these files are .pdfs, so they are easy to download directly from my blog. Click to download and print. Don’t blame me if you find yourself learning Gobblefunk while keeping the “chidlers” busy!

Now I have to get “whiffling.” (You’ll have to see the movie to understand what I mean. See if you all start speaking Gobblefunk around the house. Why not? It’s summer, time to get a little crazy!)

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