Free Cars 3 Printables and Activity Sheets to Download!

If you haven’t already heard, the third installment in Disney Pixar’s Cars movie series is due to come out on June 16, 2017. Bringing back Lightning McQueen, it’s another story of racing and tenacity. Introducing newcomer Jackson Storm, Lightning is faced with the possibility of retirement…except he’s not ready to retire. Lightning still has a lot of racing left in him and is determined to participate in the upcoming Florida 500. With the help of another newcomer, Cruz Ramirez, it may just happen…but you’ll have to watch to see! Check out this trailer and scroll down for the free Cars 3 printables!

Doesn’t it look like another great uplifting Disney movie full of action yet familiar characters we’ve come to know and love?

I’ve written about the Cars movies before here on the blog. It was always one of my son’s favorite movies, and as Disney annual passholders, each visit meant a frantic rush to California Adventure to ride the now retired Tower of Terror ride then head to see the Cars parade over by Mulholland Madness. It wasn’t a complete trip to Disneyland if this didn’t happen. He’d insist on posing with both Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater each time, and thankfully, we always met up with wonderful Disney cast members who made it happen.

If you’ve got a Cars lover in the family — or if you’re just excited to see it yourself, which is okay to admit — check out the free Cars 3 printables and activity sheets below. There’s a Piston Cup Race maze, a Memory Race card game and a Spot the Difference page.

Download all or some of the free Cars 3 printables and have fun getting ready for the new Cars 3 movie! Then buy your tickets for the next Disney Pixar success. I’ll be cheering for Lightning McQueen, along with my son, even if he won’t admit in public. Thanks, Disney, for giving us a summer blockbuster to look forward to.

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