Disney Panel Videos from the D23 Expo 2022, Day 2

If you follow me on social media, you’ve seen the many Disney Plus panel videos and photos that I shared from this year’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. I attended as press and had the absolute pleasure of watching the big panel sessions throughout the weekend. I tried to share everything throughout the weekend, along with blog posts the following week, but in case you missed any of them, I’m resharing them in a couple more blog posts.

On Saturday, September 10, Studio Showcase, Day 2: Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and 20th Century presented. It was a couple of hours full of the best news. We watched introductions for new shows, saw trailers, movie clips, and a lot of it was headlined by the stars and directors of those shows and movies. Spectacular does not cut it.

Spend any time on my socials or here on the blog, you’ll see I’m a major Thor and Loki fan. As in, I have a tattoo on my left wrist of Loki’s scepter and Thor’s hammer, surrounded by the bifrost. My car license plate is personalized with a Thor quote. I have 6′ cardboard cutouts of each of them in a riser off the foyer of my house. When Kevin Feige came out to discuss season 2 of Loki on Disney Plus, the crowd went wild — but it was nothing like when he said that the cast had flown in from overseas to attend the expo.

I died a little and immediately texted my husband: LOKI IS IN THE ROOM. (Pardon the horizontal format; I shoot primarily for live and/or social at these events, so they don’t always translate as well to horizontal formats on YouTube, where I keep them for posterity. You can find my channel HERE. Subscribe! It’s not all Marvel, but I share some really cool things to do and see in Southern California.) Loki, season 2 on Disney+ will stream in the summer of 2023.

I could listen to Tom Hiddleston speak forever. He could read me War and Peace in nonsensical language, and as long as he keeps his language, I’d listen without falling asleep. For days.

This moment below was incredibly special. Chadwick Boseman was posthumously awarded a Disney Legends award.

Such an amazing moment to witness.

I have a few video shorts that are highlights — I have over 100 video clips taken in a 48-hour period, but I’m sharing just a few of my favorites, including this one of Paul Rudd during the Quantumania announcements. Quantumania’s slated release date is currently February 17, 2023.

Paul Rudd is hilarious and he owned that stage. And he never, ever ages.

And another icon spoke — Harrison Ford speaking about his role in the new addition to the Indiana Jones franchise. The dear man got teary, and we were all here for it. I have my own memory with him from a few years back, when he said “You come stand by me,” and grabbed my arm to be more seen in a group photo. He’s such a good guy and what a ride it’s been watching him in all the movies. There’s no firm release date yet for the movie, and we watched a trailer during the expo (which you won’t see here or on my socials — we do not reveal any content that’s not public) but the closest we’ve heard so far is 2023. We’ll see when that firms up.

You’ve probably seen clips of that on social, everyone was sharing them, but you can never have too much Harrison Ford, right?

Then there’s the Star Wars franchise in all its iterations. The cast of Mandalorian came onstage to a ton of applause. Pedro Pascal has the biggest, most infectious smile, and he’s such a charmer. Season 3 is slated to stream in February, 2023.

And for more Marvel and Avengers-ish news, this clip from the introduction of the upcoming Thunderbolts show is so fun! So far, the date for streaming is July 2024.

You can see some of this on Instagram at @DangerousCupcakeLifestyle. Follow me for some of the latest news on Marvel and Disney and other movies as we learn it!

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