Five Favorite Marvel Items for the True Marvel Fan

It’s no secret, I’m obsessed with Marvel….Thor specifically, with Loki — villain or not — a close second. Then there’s Hawkeye…and the list goes on. I see every Marvel at least twice in the theater, and then when they are available on Netflix or On Demand, over and over and over again. I find myself quoting the movies just enough to annoy the family. My house is full of Marvel gear, so in the spirit of sharing my obsession with my readers, here’s a list of five favorite Marvel items for the true Marvel fan — like me!

First, any self-respecting Marvel fan has to have a few pieces of Marvel weaponry or protection around. My first choice is this Thor hammer, a mjolnir. If you don’t have one, you can order via the image below. (It’s an affiliate link — in fact, all of the below links are, so if you order one of these items, I may get a little cash, so thanks for helping me grow the budget for more Marvel gear!)

You also need this Captain America shield. Yes, I said need. It’s great as a photo prop for parties and just fun to have. I was a solid Team Cap member when Avengers: Civil War came out, so I’ve taken more than one profile photo with this 24″ shield. (You can buy them in 12″ models as well for the younger crew, but if you are going for legit, you need the 24″. Hey, I didn’t link to the $175 version here! It’s gorgeous and real metal and I want it, but is an expensive addition to anyone’s collection.)

Then there’s adorning your kitchen. This Captain America cutting board is indeed as cute as it is in the picture from Amazon. My younger daughter gave me this for Christmas. It’s durable, colorful and works like a charm.

These lights! They come in a lot of different versions: Thor’s hammer, Ironman’s mask, Captain America’s shield, and more. Which one would you pick?

Buying your favorite Marvel items for your house is one thing. It’s a private place that not everyone sees, but are you willing to show your fangirl-ness in public? Here is where the rubber meets the road. I have no shame and proudly carry Marvel gear everywhere. This Marvel backpack is one of my press bags, in fact. It carries my whole Nikon camera, a couple of extra lenses, a notebook, chargers, microphone, all of it…and more. And the price is right!

I’m throwing in one bonus item, too — a piece of Marvel-themed jewelry. I have a few Thor necklaces, earrings, and even a belly ring. I wear it proudly, because it’s fun and who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

What are your favorite pieces of Marvel gear you can’t live without? I’ll be doing another favorite Marvel items posts soon, focusing on kitchen gear next. There is SO much out there!


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