Harry Potter Fan Games for Harry Potter Family Game Night

I’ve got a family full of Harry Potter fans, so it stands to reason that we look for Harry Potter fan games when we plan our family game nights. Board games are a great way for families to engage together, enjoy each other and to have a relaxing evening. Thanks to Pressman, who gifted me with two new games, we’re all ready for our next game night!

harry potter fan games

They sent me two of the popular Harry Potter fan games, the Triwizard Maze game, and the Harry Potter Magical Beasts board game. Now all I have to do is pop the popcorn, pour the lemonade and we’re good to go…..unless we decide everyone has to come in costume. Should we? It wouldn’t be outside of the realm of normal to find a Harry Potter scarf, cape or wand laying around at any point.

These two Pressman board games are easy to learn and accommodate two to four players. Each game moves fast and will capture the attention of all the players.

harry potter fan games

The Triwizard game is reminiscent of a game we all grew up with, where we pop the dome, making the dice jump and race to get all of our game pieces safely to the end. It used to be one of my favorite games, and having a new version to play with my own kids is a blast! The age range for this game is 5+, but with some help, children of younger ages will also be able to play.

harry potter fan games

The Magical Beasts Board game is for ages 8+, and it comes with a little surprise — the board game flips, so game play can be enacted both “inside” and “outside” in the Harry Potter world! Basically, you choose your favorite Harry Potter character (like Hermione, Ron, Harry, or more) and race around Hogwart’s to find the fantastic beasts. Collect clues to find the beasts that have run amok, and face treacherous obstacles, which can throw the game players for a loop — you won’t know who wins until you’re at the end, as things can change in a flash!

harry potter fan games

You can learn more about these games over at the Pressman Toy website. The games are both available for purchase online at Amazon or one of many other stores. Prices are low and the games are sturdy, so you’re sure to see many years of play with either one you choose. Or, buy both and have a dedicated Harry Potter family game night like we did!

I’m headed back to Hogwart’s now for another round of Triwizard Maze! Gather your Harry Potter fans and set up game night now. I’ll see you at Honeydukes.

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