Moon Knight Plot Twist, Mental Health and More

We’re just a day away from the latest Disney+ and Marvel series, and I’m here to tell you that this one is going to have you wondering and contemplating more than any others have before. Just like most series prior, there’s a Moon Knight plot twist as the series addresses mental health without you even initially realizing it.

disney+ moon knight plot

Moon Knight is a longstanding Marvel comics character that will be new to those who only come to Marvel via the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story is convoluted and dark in the comics, and after watching the first four episodes in one long binge Saturday evening, I’m here to tell you, the series may be even darker. The long winding path that the main character, Steven with a V Grant goes on will have you wanting to press pause, say ‘wait a minute…’ and have a discussion with anyone else in earshot.

I watched it alone, so I can’t yet have that conversation, but I’ll be rewatching the whole series as it premieres on Disney+ on March 30, with one new episode of the six-episode series dropping each week. Don’t watch it alone, because you’ll need someone else to bounce those theories off of.

Oscar Isaac, in my mind, is already an Emmy contender with his portrayal of Steven with a V. He’s not only nailed the accent and the nerdy run, but once Mark Spector appears, his acting chops are undeniable.

mr knight from moon knight plot

Playing someone dealing with a mental health issue has its own challenges, but doing it in a space fraught with Egyptian gods, historical events and insomnia, he really had his work cut out for him. At first, his traits are hard to understand. The “but why…” questions come fast and furious until episode three, where characters become more fleshed-out and the story starts to become clear.

However, it’s episode four where it hits hard. You’ll stop for a moment, a “wait, no way…” experience as you try to absorb the actual reality for Mark. What’s real? What isn’t?

No spoilers here but this show takes on a heavy topic with its main character having DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This means there is a lot of switching between Steve, Mark and Mr. Knight, a hybrid of sorts that is a mix between a guy in a suit and Moon Knight, protector of the innocent. Because of its darkness, it’s not a show for the younger set, so do your diligence because only you know what works for your family.

If you’re familiar with the comic story line, you may step away with a few questions. Not everything’s happens as it does in the comic books. (And I had to do a little research on that to be sure I remembered correctly.) Still, that doesn’t make it a bad thing — it will just keep you on your toes, and you’ll get to know Steven more than you will Mark.

moon knight plot twist

All of the Marvel series on Disney+ have been action-packed in their own way, but this one goes on its own journey. It requires a little more thought, which may make it one of the best series yet. You’ll get to watch and decide soon.

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