Pete’s Dragon Printables to Download: Coloring Sheets and a Maze!

Here are some Pete’s Dragon printables to download and print out! With the coloring craze going on, even adults can get away with printing these out and coloring. (Think: something to do during a boring conference call! Studies also show that adult coloring habits are reducing stress levels. Who doesn’t need to reduce stress, right?) Get the kids ready to go see Pete’s Dragon and learn about Elliott.

Pete’s Dragon comes out in theaters on August 12. Starring Robert Redford, Pete’s Dragon is a live-action movie based on the original Disney animated movie from 1977. Have you seen this trailer yet?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes clip where Bryce Dallas Howard talks about what it was like to work with Elliott on the set.

And here are the coloring sheets — there are five pages of coloring fun. (I am starting with page 2, I love that scene!) I’m going to be seeing the movie next week. In fact, I’m super-fortunate to have been invited to attend the premiere in Hollywood and walk the red carpet. Talk about dream come true! Breathing the same air as Robert Redford …. or somewhere close to it at least. 😉  I’m so excited about this movie, it’s like re-living a little of my childhood. I still have the original Pete’s Dragon on VHS, locked safely away in a cabinet to pass along to my grandchildren someday, along with a VHS player so they can see it like we used to watch it.

Enjoy the Pete’s Dragon printables and I hope you have plans to go see the movie! I’ll be sharing more about it on the blog later on the day it comes out in theaters. (And while I can’t take my camera onto the red carpet, I hope to have some pictures of that amazing moment!)

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