Free Printable Coloring Pages for Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Now that Disney’s newest movie is out in theaters — you knew that, right? — it’s going to quickly become a holiday classic. (Read my movie review here.) It’s a movie for all ages, so why not bring home some of the holiday magic with some free printable coloring pages to download?

Available below, Disney has created and shared a maze, coloring pages and other activities that you can download directly from the blog for the new Nutcracker movie. The files are in a PDF format so you can easily print them. They are perfect to help you get into the holiday spirit, keep kids occupied while that Thanksgiving turkey is cooking, or when traveling on a road trip to spend time with the family.

To download, just click on the photos below! Starting with Clara, there are coloring pages for all the major characters of Nutcracker and the Four Realms, colored bookmarks to cut out (and maybe to use them to mark pages for reading the original Nutcracker story during the holidays) and many, many more things!

The String Maze page is a really fun part of the new movie that will have us all rethinking how we present our holiday gifts to our friends and loved ones! I really want to try this at my house, and while I “only” have six kids to give to this season (growing to seven next year!!) I foresee it being a confusing set-up but one that they’d all love. (And you have to see the movie to appreciate it fully. You are going, right?)

Enjoy the printables and happy early holiday season!


Update for 2019: Now that the live action Disney Nutcracker movie has been out, did you get a chance to see it yet? The 2019 holiday season is coming around and it’s a great addition to the holiday movie collection. Nutcracker and the Four Realms is on our family movie night schedule…but we’re waiting until after Thanksgiving to start our Christmas movie list. Do you do the same? One holiday at a time!

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