Universal CityWalk Hosts a FREE Concert on Friday, July 13

This coming Friday, July 13, Universal CityWalk is hosting a FREE concert at the 5 Towers stage. If you’re looking for something fun to do on a Friday night, consider attending to see these fun street performers!

Check out the list of the performers who will be playing throughout the evening:

Brother Yusef (Bakersfield, CA)

Cass Miller (Pittsburgh, PA)

Daniel Morris (Pine Bluff, AK)

Drea Rose (Salinas, CA)

Beautiful Fragile (Chicago, IL)

Jackii Kennedy (Key Largo, FL)

John Russel (Savannah, GA)

Katie Ferrara (Los Angeles, CA)

Nico Franc (Portsmouth, RI)

Ricky England (Seattle, WA)

Riot Child (Stockholm, Sweden)

Sajama (Santiago, Chile)

Sarah Lightman (Highstown, NJ)

Shani Rose (Los Angeles, CA)

Shashaty (Miami, FL)

Steegs (Grand Bend, Ontario)

Streetlight Cadence (Honolulu, HI)

Zen Thomas (Fort Lee, NJ)

For more information, you can visit the website or you can follow along on social media at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Twitter @UniStudiosFacebook-Universal Studios Hollywood and Instagram @UniStudios.

It’s hot here in Southern California right now. Summer didn’t mess around — it came in with a vengeance and there is no in-between BUT this Friday, it’ll be a comfortable temperature, perfect for spending the evening on Universal’s CityWalk in Hollywood. Listen to free music, dance (like no one’s watching, even though a few people might), grab some beverages at one of the many restaurants along the way, and maybe try one of the infamous Voodoo Donuts. (Can you believe I haven’t tried one of them yet? WHAT?)

FREE Concert
John Russel electrifies Universal CityWalk’s Street Performers Program.

Universal CityWalk is easily accessible from all directions of SoCal, in case you’re in the area only for a short period of time and aren’t familiar with the locale. You can get to it via the 101 or a quick drop down from the 134. Parking is plentiful and once you get on the CityWalk, you will get sucked into the many boutiques and shops to fulfill all your souvenir needs…and anything else cool you may just have to have.

FREE Concert
Brother Yusef brings his soul sounds to Universal CityWalk’s Street Performers Program.

Hope you’ll have a chance to drop in to listen to the music — let me know if you go! It’s summer time in SoCal!

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