The Wrinkle in Time Cast Interview: Then There’s Just Love

Did you read A Wrinkle in Time in school? I read it in late grade school, and the story stuck with me. A scientific explorer, his family, and the dilemma of choosing the opportunity to find a new world, essentially, or stick with the family, missing out on what you think you’ve been searching for all your life. Little do you know at the time, the treasure is already right in front of you, and it’s your family.

Many of us do this in our lives today. We work hard to provide for the family, with the promise of a new title or a promotion often dangling not far from us. We also have that curiosity, which is even more prominent when you’re in a role of breakthrough, a scientist potentially on the cusp of a new world.

wrinkle in time cast interview

This is the story of Dr. Alex Murry, a scientist played by Chris Pine. Married to another scientist, Dr. Kate Murry (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) he is entirely devoted to his wife and daughter, and his newly adopted son, but he still has a part of his soul seeking something bigger, a connection to another world that no scientist has yet made. The lure is so big, he loses his perspective and takes the leap. This results in the story, A Wrinkle in Time.

wrinkle in time cast interview

In attendance at this press junket were:

  • Oprah Winfrey “Mrs. Which”
  • Reese Witherspoon “Mrs. Whatsit”
  • Mindy Kaling “Mrs. Who”
  • Storm Reid “Meg Murry”
  • Chris Pine “Dr. Alex Murry”
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw “Dr. Kate Murry”
  • Zach Galifianakis “The Happy Medium”
  • Rowan Blanchard “Veronica”
  • Deric McCabe “Charles Wallace”
  • Levi Miller “Calvin”
  • Ava DuVernay (Director)
  • Jennifer Lee (Screenplay By)

wrinkle in time cast interview

First, let me see that the energy at this press junket was high. Everyone loves Chris Pine, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon and of course, Zach Galifianakis, but mention Oprah and the eyebrows raise. Most of us made our way through the media area before getting to our seats, and in the media area were complimentary gifts of Alex and Ani pieces of the new warrior line, and makeup from Elizabeth Arden, themed after the Mrs’ makeup in the movie. (I chose the purple line…big surprise, right?)

So many different personalities on stage! Eyes were all over Oprah, but Zach Galafianakis….you can’t ignore this guy, the one who sits quietly until asked a question. Then he lets loose with his sarcastic wit that has the entire audience laughing. When asked about when Ava Duvernay contacted him regarding taking a role in the movie, he said “Well, my first question when she asked me out to lunch was ‘who’s paying?'”  We all died.

wrinkle in time cast interview

Lots of questions began from the moderator and then the crowd. It was a whirlwind, as they started a few minutes late which really ramps everyone up. So many of us had questions and things to ask, and the crowd was really electric. Oprah was in the house!

A Wrinkle in Time isn’t just a movie based on the 1962 book by Madeline L’Engle. It’s a movie that represents a multi-cultural family, a teen girl saving her dad, and a mom who is a prominent scientist. So many important aspects covered in such a fantastic way! I remember reading the book as a young girl and thinking WOW, what if I could do all that she could?

The cast was equally excited to participate in this movie. Oprah was thrilled to work on a movie that  had basically an endless budget to blow it out of the water. She also shared her excitement about filming in New Zealand, as she’d never been to the South Island before. (She also confessed to never having read the book before either!) Ava’s energy is low-key yet so infectious, as her love for this cast, this story and this movie overall shines through everything she says. In fact, she talks about love being in every frame of this movie.

One particular quote from Ava really hit home for me, and I’m sure for many in the audience.

“We’re living in a chaotic time as adults. But imagine if you’ve only been on the earth for 10 years, and 11 years, and 12 years, the tension that you feel and so to be able to just give a little breather and to say who you are is enough, and this is how you’re gonna make it through by finding something in yourself that guides you. We all have that little voice inside of us, and a lot of times we don’t listen to it.”

So true, right?

wrinkle in time cast interview

Reese Witherspoon’s smile lights up the room, and it was obvious she was sincere when she stated that upon Ava’s request that she be in the movie, she didn’t even hesitate. Yes, where and when?

wrinkle in time cast interview

Chris Pine…those gorgeous blue eyes suck you in. It was interesting seeing him as a father figure, but he nailed it. They now call him Mr. Chris, and he had us all laughing when he shared a story about working with another child actor, having a conversation. When he said something the child didn’t believe, the child walked away. Now he’s the older guy on set and working with kids, he has to really be present. No halfing it, you have to really be fully involved or they’ll call you out on it. Such a sign of today’s inquisitive generation!

wrinkle in time cast interview

I can’t leave out the incredible young talent in this movie: Derik McCabe, Levi Miller and Rowan Blanchard. I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing more of them soon.

wrinkle in time cast interview

Every member of the cast deserves much more mention, but in the interest of space, I’ll end it by sharing this candid photo I grabbed of Zach. His humor flows genuinely and consistently, and I would LOVE to sit down and just chat with him for a couple of hours. The wit and sarcasm runs strong and we found him fascinating. (And Mindy Kaling is beautiful!)

wrinkle in time cast interview

Go see a Wrinkle in Time when it comes out in theaters on Friday, March 9. And come back here to the blog on Friday morning, where I share my review. In the meantime, here’s the official trailer to enjoy!

“What if we are here for a reason?”

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