Comic Con Revolution 2024 is Back in Ontario: Geeks and Nerds Unite!

In case you’re wondering, I am one of those geeks and/or nerds, so that is in no way meant to be negative — it’s FANTASTIC. Where else than a convention can we hang out with so many of our own people?

Comic Con Revolution 2024 Returns to the Ontario Convention Center in California

(And thanks to Comic Con Revolution’s PR team, we’re going to be there again!)

Save the date! May 18-19, 2024 

Comic Con Revolution is the Inland Empire’s largest comic & pop culture event. Blazing a trail, the CCR Team has built an unforgettable experience. With first-ever guest appearances and cast reunions, legendary comic book creators, iconic voice actors, world class photo ops, fast and safe security, multiple options for food, a curated mix of vendors & exhibitors there is just nothing quite like Comic Con Revolution.

We’ve been going every year for a while now and we have such a fun time! We get there early (parking isn’t as readily available onsite as you may need, so plan for a bit of a walk) and head in for a day of shopping, autograph signing, photo opportunities and of course, special guest sightings.

If you haven’t gone before, picture a huge hall filled with booth after booth of vendors carrying a huge supply of gear related to your favorite animated and live-action superheroes. Cosplay is encouraged (though there are a few rules, available on their website) and most people in costume love to get their photo taken; some will also take selfies. (Last year, we did run into a couple that wanted money to be in their photo; we declined.) I have some of the best photos from over the years! This is probably my favorite photo from all the years!

comic con revolution

That was back in 2017 — that’s how long we’ve been going! You can read about that Comic Con Revolution experience here. He sounded like Wolverine in addition to looking like him! (That’s Hollywood Wolverine, you can find him here on Insta.)

Where else will you see a dinosaur fighting Princess Leia?

comic con Ontario 2024

A few recommendations, other than come early, as I suggested above, for better parking options. Be ready to carry things, so if you have a certain thing in mind, head to that booth first. A small rolling cart to carry your bags may be a great idea; we usually are overloaded by the time we leave. If you’re a collector, know in advance what you’re seeking. (We collect POP Funkos from the Marvel Avengers movies, so we take photos ahead of time of our shelves so we know what pieces we’re missing. We have to do some homework in advance though, as some booths’ prices are better than others. You’ll want to have firm budgets in your head because if you wait and return, that coveted item may have already sold.) Make sure your costume fits within the rules, and wear comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of walking! If you’re seeking an autograph, lines build up early and some get VERY long for the big names. And some charge, so bring some cash as well as a card, as payment options can vary.

comic con ontario 2024

Every year, we focus in on the Marvel booths, but we’ve also purchased very creative handmade jewelry, art for our walls, D&D dice, plushies for the grandkids, books, toys, and so much more. I am already building my list of things to look for this year. We won’t be in cosplay, but we always wear Marvel t-shirts. There isn’t a lot of food inside, but there have been food trucks outside in the past. And don’t miss the exterior photo opps! Last year, we got pics with some infamous movie vehicles. Don’t miss this year’s fun!

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