Don’t Stop Believin’…..Journey in Concert!

Last Friday night, my daughter took my husband and I up to the Hollywood Bowl to see the Steve Miller Band and Journey. It was a Father’s Day present for the husband, a long-time diehard fan of Steve Miller and of course, we all love Journey, right?

Gorgeous evening, a lot of fun and I highly recommend paying for VIP parking at the Bowl. The extra $22 is a bit of a shock but compared to walking a long way or being stuck in stack parking at the end of the evening, it’s well worth the cost. The valet staff are wonderful and you just never know who you’ll meet. As the husband opened the car door to get out, the bass player of SMB was standing there. (If only we’d thought enough to ask him to take a picture with the husband! As long as you live amongst this in California, I think most of us have a brain cramp and/or end up a little bit starstruck.)

I haven’t been up to the Hollywood Bowl in many years now. I remember seeing the Philharmonic there as a teen and being in awe of the acoustics of that beautiful orchestral music. The food options now are really unique; they sell sushi and my Thai chicken sausage sandwich rocked.

Here are some pictures of our evening. I won’t share the videos — I wouldn’t want you to hear my singing at the top of my lungs — but I will say that they were just as good as the other times we’ve seen them. The lead singer’s voice? Nothing short of amazing.

view from our seats at the hollywood bowl

What a panorama! Hollywood sign to the upper left, Griffith Park Observatory to the right!

Hollywood bowl stage

Close-up (as best as I could) of the stage.

steve miller band

Steve Miller Band just starting — forgive the blur!

sunset over the Hollywood sign

Isn’t that beautiful?




That’s a spotlight over a cross on the hill that I thought was a cool shot.


Shhhhh, we snuck down much closer to take a picture.

A 2023 update! Since this evening, we’ve been regulars at the Hollywood Bowl. And I have a new phone that takes better pictures. We’ve seen Duran Duran at the Bowl many times, as well as Ricky Gervais, Lifehouse and a bunch of other bands. It’s a favorite SoCal music venue and I look forward to many more concerts there in the future!

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  1. I love the Bowl & try to go there at least once every Summer! They even have a children’s program in July during the day where kids can do arts & crafts, then treated to music from a band. That’s great that you did Valet parking & ran into someone from SMB! We always take the $5 bus/park & ride, but since you are coming from farther away, the valet route was probably best. Journey rocks!! 🙂

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