New Halloween Maze at This Year’s Queen Mary Dark Harbor

We’ve been attending Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor for years and I’m excited to announce that this year, there will be a new Halloween maze entitled Rogue! Based on an infamous incident that occurred during World War 2, where a rogue 95′ wave nearly capsized the Queen Mary, known as the Grey Ghost, Rogue will take guests down to the depths of their fear at this year’s Halloween event!

new Halloween maze at Queen Mary Dark Harbor

I’m a huge fan of shipwrecks, and while I’m pretty hesitant about actually getting out on the wide open water — maybe because of that same interest in shipwrecks — I love watching movies about them. The Poseidon Adventure, starting Earnest Borgnine (who I actually acted with in a movie in the 90s, when I was convinced that acting would be really cool), was a hit movie and a favorite of mine. I had no idea it was based on an actual event!

Dark Harbor sent me a press release, so here are some of the highlights for you to read so you can be ready to buy your tickets, as this Dark Harbor 2019 starts on September 26! (That’s the day before my birthday — I think a scarefest would be an awesome way to celebrate, right?) Running through November 2, general admission ticket prices start at just $20 online, with Fast Fright, Evil Express, RIP Lounge Passes, Creepy Cabanas and lodging packages available. Dark Harbor is offering a 40% discount on general admission for select nights until August 5 at 11:59pm with promo code SCREAM. For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit

Straight from the press release:

In addition to the announcement of the all-new maze, the producers of Dark Harbor announced at Midsummer Scream, on Sunday August 4, for the first-time ever, Dark Harbor guest will have access to never-before-seen depths of the Queen Mary. In one of the newly re-imagined mazes onboard the historic ocean liner, attendees can now walk through the infamous Door 13. Dubbed one of the most haunted areas on the ship, legend has it that an 18-year old crewman was crushed to death by Door 13 in 1967, and now Dark Harbor guests can walk-thru the iconic location. Guests can also venture 6-fathoms below sea level submerged in the notorious Boiler Room to indulge in the newest secret bar offered at Dark Harbor nightly.

Southern California’s most haunted Halloween event will welcome MORE scares than ever before with the season’s most authentically frightening experience available. Dark Harbor tells the truly haunted, historic tales of the Queen Mary through the infamous spirits of Captain, Chef, Iron Master, Samuel the Savage, Graceful Gale, Half-Hatch Henry, Scary Mary, Voodoo Priestess, Ringmaster, plus hundreds of their bloodcurdling henchmen await to tempt your fate.

Live your nightmares aboard the Queen Mary with newly-intensified returning mazes Feast, B340 and Lullaby. Circus and Intrepid prove even more twisted and darker than before with new immersions and even more twisted scares for the 2019 season.

With Dark Harbor’s disturbingly creative minds, 6 mazes, 13 bars, fire shows, aerialists, sliders, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Sinister Swings, Panic! 4-D Experience, zombie DJs, Barrel Room Tastings, R.I.P. Lounge, and much more, Dark Harbor 2019 is certain to be a freakishly fun time.

Will you be joining me at this year’s Dark Harbor for their new Halloween maze? Come on, you know that the Rogue maze has you intrigued. I can’t wait to see it myself!

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