Avengers: End Game New Release Date and Trailer is Finally Here!

Like any other good Marvel fan girl, I’ve been counting the days until May 2019 for the release of the next Avengers movie. After the unsettling end of Avengers: Infinity War, we were left hanging, wondering and worrying the fate of our favorite superheroes….and one favorite villain.

I don’t know about you, but when “the Loki incident” occurred, in case there are actually Marvel fans out there that still haven’t seen Infinity War, I stopped breathing for a minute. I literally realized I’d been holding my breath and it took me about 3o more minutes to relax enough to watch and absorb the rest of the movie. I was heartbroken, like so many of us…yet the rest of the movie swept us forward so quick, we couldn’t mourn for long.

The last few months, people have been theorizing about the title of the next movie, and what it would be about. There was a photo released a few months back, where Joe Russo was working on a laptop in a chair in an oddly-decorated large room. There was a clue reportedly in the photo, and viewers quickly found what they thought said “end game” in outlines in the image. Was it legit? Were we digging too deep, looking too hard?

Turns out that no, that IS the new title of Avengers 4! Today, the much-awaited trailer for Avengers: End Game was released, and it has the interwebs all akimbo, with feels all over the map. Check it out here, and then we’ll talk a little more after the jump.


Okay, so….thoughts? Hawkeye looks pretty different..dark and disturbed, like one angry dad and husband who lost his family. That’s not confirmed, but why else would he look like that? One word comes to mind: RONIN.

Another tidbit is seeing Shuri’s face on a poster, signifying she is missing. WHAT?

Next to Shuri’s photo is Scott Lang’s face, aka Ant Man. We all know — if we are good Avengers fans who stayed after all the credits in Ant Man and the Wasp — that Scott was left hanging in the quantum realm as the rest of his team, minus the drum-playing ant, disappeared with Thanos’ snap. So, at least in the beginning of End Game, Scott is still thought to be missing.

Then there’s Iron Man, seemingly floating in space in some sort of pod. WHY? HOW DID HE GET THERE?

Natasha and Cap have a game plan that has to work, or Steve Rogers doesn’t know what he’s going to do. WHY? Is he referring to not getting back the rest of the team, or something more??

Then it ends with a lighthearted teaser, with Ant Man asking Natasha and Cap to let him in. WHOA. There IS the drum-playing ant, who was trained to replicate Scott’s movements in order to make it appear that his house arrest tracker was still in a normal routine when he was, in reality, out saving Hank Pym’s wife…did he bring Scott back from the quantum realm?

I have a lot of my own entirely unsubstantiated theories. A lot of hopes. And of course, my biggest one is that Loki is a big part of the movie. I will cry either way….

And there’s the other big news: the new End Game release date! It was slated for May, but now the poster says April 26.

Avenger: End Game new release date

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. There are no other words that more accurately portray my excitement that we have less time to wait AND we don’t have to stay off the internet for the 10 days or so in between the UK release and ours. Phew. Good call, Marvel, good call.

So tell me what you think about the trailer AND the new Avengers: End Game release date!

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