Holiday Party Prep: Getting the Kitchen Ready for the Big Event

Before I get too close to the holiday party prep season, I take stock of my kitchen. Is everything in good working order? Is there anything I need to replace? Repair? Are all my appliances in good working order? IS THERE TIME TO RENOVATE? Okay, not so much with the last one for me because I love my kitchen, but who doesn’t dream about new appliances, countertops or cabinets, right?

Every year, I pull out my holiday planning notebook. It’s a simple spiral with pages allotted to everything: kids’ birthdays, Christmas dinner, open house, and the big Griswold Christmas Party. (I mention that a lot on the blog this time of year. It’s one of my favorite things ever!) I also have a running list of things I need to buy, calls to make, wish list purchases and so forth. I suggest this to anyone who asks me how I stay organized during the holidays with a job, two businesses, four kids, a son-in-law, an almost son-in-law and two dogs. This notebook is life because there’s no way I can remember everything on my own.

Holiday party prep in advance is going to help you relax and enjoy the holiday season. If things are in disarray, you’re going to feel stressed and maybe less apt to host or entertain at your home. The holidays are a time for family and friends, so don’t let that get in the way. Maybe splurge in advance and get the kitchen of your dreams!

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Best Buy is a great place to look if you’re considering purchasing new appliances before the holidays get in full swing. The new Samsung family hub four-door refrigerator even helps you keep track of your shopping lists while standing at your fridge, and using the app, you can see inside of your refrigerator from anywhere. Think no more calling someone at home to check if you have enough butter or milk so you don’t have to make another store run to get the holiday party dessert done in time. You can even set expiration notifications so your homemade apple butter is thrown away after it’s no longer safe to eat…if there’s any left. The calendar and other apps built into the door make you feel just that much more organized while eliminating the clutter that hangs on so many of our refrigerators. (What does your fridge look like right now? Yeah, me too.)

Samsung holiday party prep

If you’re a baker like me, proper settings on the oven mean everything. The Samsung Microwave Combination Wall Oven with Flex Duo™ has wi-fi capability so you can adjust temp, timer and even turn the oven on or off from anywhere. During the holidays, I spend a lot of time running around the house or visiting neighbors in the cul-de-sac, exchanging food for taste tests. (I’m so lucky to live near a family of foodies!) More than once, I’ve gotten caught up in an “oh my gosh, this tastes SO good…” moment only to forget I have cookies in the oven. Since my phone is always on me, now I can hear the timer, see how long is left or shut the oven off if I decide to hang out for a bit before I put the next batch in. (And I won’t even admit to having left the house with the oven still on….I may get a little scatterbrained as I try to do too much at once, so this option would be a lifesaver for me.)

holiday party prep with Samsung

It’s a beauty, right? If you’re inspired, visit Best Buy’s Prep for the Holidays page and learn about how you can save 10% if you purchase four or more appliances from Best Buy.

What’s on your holiday party prep list? This year, I’m going to stay old school with the ham for the big dinner, but I’m tempted to try a few new sides and even a souffle for dessert. Anyone who’s attempted a souffle knows how important perfect timing and temperature is to success. I also will make cookies until the cows come home and we’ll still be eating cranberry bread into January. You’re welcome, neighbors.


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