Get a Home Workout with the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

My son’s been asking for a Nintendo Switch. Not for his birthday in December, or for Christmas, but now…as in “here’s my proposal. I pay xx…” Impressive how well he’s thought it through, but not entirely surprising. At 10, he wanted to start a snack business, selling desserts by the side of the road. When we tried to explain why that wasn’t possible, he calmly accepted our reasons and went back to his room. We felt bad discouraging his young dream of being an entrepreneur, but we needn’t have worried. He returned less than an hour later with a full business plan. Now that we can get in a home workout with the Nintendo Switch by way of their new Ring Fit Adventure, I’m reconsidering his plan in a way that means I get to use it more, too!

Available for purchase on October 19th for the suggested retail price of $79.99, the package will come with the game, the Ring-Con and Leg Strap Accessories. (You’ll need to already have a Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con controllers.)

home workout with the nintendo switch

But how does one really get a home workout with the Nintendo Switch?

Here’s some information about the new game directly from the press release.

In the Ring Fit Adventure game, players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life exercises to perform in-game attacks. The new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories that are included with the game respond to the player’s real-world movements, allowing the game to turn them into in-game actions, like jogging in place to move your character through the world using the attached Leg Strap, or squeezing the Ring-Con and turning that strength exercise into powerful attacks. By playing the game daily, players can regularly work out various parts of their bodies. With additional mini-games and workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience for players of various skill levels and lifestyles.

The Adventure mode featured in Ring Fit Adventure takes place across 20 different colorful worlds in a quest to take down Dragaux, a giant, chiseled dragon with an ego to match his oversized muscles. Jog, sprint and do knee-highs in real life to travel through the world, and use the Ring-Con accessory to perform different in-game actions, like jumping, hovering in mid-air or steering a raft on a river.

home workout with the nintendo switch

Ring Fit Adventure turns a typical adventure game on its head as players squat, press and flex their way through challenges designed for a wide range of body types and levels of fitness experience. To play the game, players attach the Joy-Con controllers from their Nintendo Switch system to the included accessories – one to the Ring-Con and one to the Leg Strap. The Leg Strap is attached to the player’s upper left leg, while the Ring-Con is held in both hands. The Ring-Con is a flexible electronic device that provides resistance, and uses the Joy-Con to respond to the player’s movements. Ring Fit Adventure can be adjusted to the player’s level of skill, so even if players don’t have experience with fitness, they can change the exercise intensity to suit their ability. This will let them continue every day at an activity level that’s comfortable for them.

home workout with the nintendo switch

Throughout the adventure, enemies will appear, ready for battle. Players can attack and defend using more than 40 Fit Skills, which are exercise moves. The game provides direction to players about how to perform movements correctly in order to deal more damage to enemies. Actions that the player performs in-game will earn experience for their character, with level-ups boosting stats and unlocking new Fit Skills that can be used in battle. Adventure mode is designed as a natural way to keep players motivated to play and get exercise regularly as they progress through the game world and defeat enemies.

Outside of the main adventure, Quick Play mode is a great way to enjoy Ring Fit Adventure in shorter bursts, allowing players to jump in and out of play. This lets everyone enjoy a quick workout in different ways, like taking turns with friends and family attempting the same mini-games to compete for high scores. Mini-games cover a wide range of activities, from breaking boxes with gusts of air triggered by the Ring-Con to shaping pottery by performing squats.

home workout with the nintendo switch

Other modes like Simple and Set offer additional ways to work out. “Simple” lets players choose exercises they want to work on, and perform them individually. High scores are recorded so everyone can challenge their personal bests. “Set” provides linked sequences of different exercises designed around a theme or a particular body part. This mode is a great way to target a muscle group the player wants to focus on, like legs, shoulders, lower body or core.

 The game even includes a “Silent” mode for people who live in an upstairs apartment or don’t want to make a lot of noise. By activating this mode, jogging-style exercises are swapped out for ones that are a little quieter, allowing players to keep their legs active without a heavy impact on the floor.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? You can get in a home workout with the Nintendo Switch while saving the world! I haven’t told my son yet, but I know that it’s going to totally impact his ‘proposal,’ because I’m not going to want to share the Switch! WHAT DO I DO?

And don’t tell me I need to buy two…..

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