Queen Mary Dark Harbor Tickets On Sale Now!

If you’re looking for a scary way to start this year’s Halloween season, it’s time to get on board with Queen Mary Dark Harbor tickets! Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2019 promises to be an even scarier haunt, with the addition of the new maze, “Rogue.” Want a quick preview? Check out this teaser video.

Speaking of preview, the husband and I are attending media night for Dark Harbor 2019 this coming week. We’ll be there as they open the gates for the first time this season, enjoying the Captain’s traditional welcome speech before we enter the gauntlet of scary monsters and ghouls.

queen mary dark harbor tickets

Tickets are on sale now, and you can buy them online on the Dark Harbor website.

But first, more about the new maze, “Rogue.”

A rogue wave has hit the Queen Mary, causing confusion and fear as the ship turns completely on its side, in danger of capsizing. Will the Captain right the ship? Or will he lead her and all souls aboard into a watery grave, never to be seen or heard from again…

Sounds pretty spooky, right? I think this is going to be the first maze we visit this year and you can read more about the Rogue maze here.  Some returning mazes are Lullaby, Feast, Circus, B340 and Intrepid, along with infamous monsters such as Half-Hatch Henry, Chef, Scary Mary and the Ringmaster.

queen mary dark harbor tickets

Dark Harbor 2019 is open on 23 nights throughout the Halloween season, with special rates available if you enter before 8pm. Six mazes, 200+ monsters, live entertainment, secret bars (some in some very unexpected places) and rides makes this a popular Halloween destination and with rates as low as $20, it’s an affordable choice if you like to get the ship scared out of you.

queen mary dark harbor rides

For an extra fee, you can also purchase passes that allow you various levels of expedited entries. If you really want the entire experience, rooms are available for you to stay overnight on the reportedly haunted ship. Are you brave enough to test out that theory?

We stayed on board the ship a few years back after our night at the Halloween haunt and it is entirely worth the cost. It’s also a fantastic option if you imbibe at the bars (secret and not-so-secret) or want to stay until closing while avoiding the late-night drive home. (I’d totally be considering that again this year, except we’re on a 6am flight out the next morning for a birthday getaway weekend!) Scary Dark Harbor mazes make for a great date night and Long Beach is only a short drive from Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire, making it accessible to everyone all over Southern California.

queen mary dark harbor tickets

Head over to buy your Queen Mary Dark Harbor tickets now and read about the extras available for purchase, such as private patios and cabanas, a pre-entry cocktail event and backstage experience. If you’re part of a large party, group rates are also available. The event runs from September 26 through November 2, so you’ve got about five weeks to find the perfect date to be scared senseless for a few hours. If the monsters don’t get you in the mazes, they’ll get you on your way to the bathroom, so keep your wits about you and be ready for anything. This Halloween haunt isn’t for the faint of heart, and the recommended minimum age is 13, though a few of the special events are 21 years of age and older only.

I’ll see you in the fog!

queen mary long beach

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