NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum 2024: Updates to the Race and Weekend Schedule

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum 2024! I mean, that empty space between the finale of the racing season and now is so full of holidays and events, it moves pretty quickly. Now that Southern California doesn’t have any races this NASCAR season, sign me up for any racing exhibition available. The Clash at the Coliseum promises to be even better this year than the two prior years, and I’m here for it. (Literally, I will be there for it. If you’re not following me on social yet, there’s still time! I’ll be at the Coliseum the whole weekend to cover the event.)

cars in the NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum

If you’re new to my site, one of my goals is to help new fans, or people considering going to a NASCAR race by sharing updates and info on the sport in layman’s terms. I have quite a few posts dedicated to NASCAR 101, and traveling for the sport and how to enjoy it, whether you attend a race solo or as a family. Here’s my round-up from the 2023 Clash and a quick rundown of one of the many tracks we’ve traveled to, the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The sport is NOT difficult to learn, and the fan community is like no other. Put the stereotypes aside and dive in, because it’s a sensory event — the smell, the sound, the crowds, the earth literally shaking under your feet with the roar of the engines.

The Clash is the perfect place to experience your first NASCAR race! Typical NASCAR races are longer and have actual points that lead to the championship, but we don’t have a Southern California track this year, and Sonoma or Phoenix are long drives if you’re not really into the sport. (And if you are though, we suggest you make the trip! Both tracks are entirely different.)

Here are some updates in time for you to plan your weekend.

NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum Race Layout for 2024

In summary: any driver that wants to participate can do so, up to 40 teams. (This is a change for 2024.) Cars run in one of the four heat races, based on lap times during practice. Those fastest lap times determine pole for each heat race. The top five in each heat race advance to the last chance qualifier, which is 150 laps long. The heat races and 150 lap final pre-races happen on Saturday. The top 22 in this event go on to the main Clash on Sunday, with the 23rd slot going to the driver with the highest points from the 2023 season that didn’t rank in the top 22.

NASCAR Clash at the Los Angeles Coliseum

What’s Happening at the LA Coliseum on February 3 Before The Clash on Sunday?

Ben Kennedy, NASCAR’s Senior Vice President, Racing Development and Strategy, just announced on social media that NASCAR will open the LA Memorial Coliseum gates to the public free of charge on Saturday, February 3. This is huge!

Various practices (for both the NASCAR Mexico series and NASCAR Cup series) start on-track at 10:15am, running through 5:00pm. Heat races begin at 5:30pm, four races of 25 laps each, each one starting 15 minutes apart. These heat races go fast and are a lot of fun to watch!

This change allows fans to witness all of the preliminary practice, qualifying and heat races that will set the stage for the historic NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Mexico Series doubleheader at the Coliseum on Sunday, Feb. 4. NASCAR wasn’t initially planning to open the gates to Saturday’s preliminary activities, but reversed course after listening to feedback from fans.

Get all the details about the races and scoring directly from the NASCAR Clash site!

Los Angeles skyline at the LA Coliseum

What’s the NASCAR Clash Schedule for Sunday, February 4?

That Feb. 4 doubleheader begins with the NASCAR Mexico Series’ King Taco La Batalla en El Coliseo at 1:30 p.m. and concludes with the third annual Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum at 5 p.m. The event also includes performances by MGK and Dillon Francis, as NASCAR begins its season on the temporary, quarter-mile asphalt track nestled inside the iconic LA Memorial Coliseum.

Also available on Sunday is the fan zone area, where various drivers typically have short on-stage sessions, and some offer meet-and-greets. Buy your NASCAR merchandise, enjoy a wide array of food trucks or pop-up vendors and see some of the cars.

Recommendations on Making Your NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum Day the Best

Arrive early. Parking in the public Los Angeles Coliseum lot fills up fast. (Tailgating is not allowed; space is tight, and you will be asked to move.) There are multiple off-site lots available, but some are a longer walk and keep in mind, you may be making that walk in the dusk/dark. Some lots recommend you purchase tickets in advance to be sure there is space.

Only clear bags smaller than 12”x12”x6” or a small purse are allowed inside the Coliseum. Other bags are not allowed inside.

The Coliseum is cashless; you will need some type of card (credit, debit, etc.) to make any purchases.

No pets and no smoking.

At the time of this writing, tickets for Sunday’s main event are still available! Get your tickets now while supplies last at

NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum

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